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The Temper Post is weekly summary of what's happened on GBAtemp and the gaming world in general. It was created by Magazine Staff member, JPH. The first Temper Post was posted on April 12th, 2008. You can read the first ever issue here.

The Temper Post was "re-modeled" in issue #4, including new headers, Virtual Console news, and changes in the Review and Community section. The Temper Post is currently abandoned. There are plans of reviving it, but for now it has been discontinued.

Every Saturday (or in one case, Sunday), the Temper Post was posted on GBAtemp.

The Temper Post includes these topics:

  • GBAtemp & Scene News
  • Official GBAtemp Weekly Game Reviews
  • Virtual Console News
  • Interesting Gaming News This Week
  • Community

There are plans of having the Temper Post e-mailed to member's e-mail addresses, if they so wish. Currently, you may only view it from the forum.

Read The Temper Post Issues: