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tj_cool is member 152,102 of the GBAtemp forums. He registered to the site to get to know more about the Wii - hacking scene. Since then he has become one of the fastest posters of the wii section (and maybe even the whole forum). He made the most of his posts in the Wii - hacking section by helping out others. At this moment, he also maintains the USB loader GX readmii, which he renamed to ReadmiiV2 (it can be found @ [1]).

He also found out more about DS flashcarts and decided to buy one. Currently he has a Cobalt blue DS lite with M3 real. In the near future, he plans on buying a DSi or PSP.

Due his nature of being curious about everything related to computers, he found out a lot about the site itself. He eventually wrote a guide about GBAtemp ([2]) to tell people about all features he found. Recently he got more knowledge about the IPB Admin CP (Although he isn't and will most likely never be an admin) in order to understand how this site works, so he could help improving the performance of the board (by linking scrips and other info).

Gaming consoles

Nintendo NES Nintendo SNES Nintendo Gamecube Silver Nintendo Wii

Gameboy Color Purple Nintendo DS lite Cobalt blue