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The GBAtemp Trading Area is an intentionally restricted set of forums on that are a place to Buy, Sell or Trade goods with other members.

How to Access

In order to reduce scams and for other reasons, only confirmed GBAtemp members are able to access the Trading Area. To become a confirmed member, you must have a minimum of 100 valid posts on the forums. Posts in the Edge of the Forum section do not count towards this, and neither do deleted posts. Do not spam in order to reach 100 posts just to gain access; if you do, your access will be permanently revoked. Once the needed 100 posts are reached, your member group will automatically be changed from "Newcomers" to "Members", and the Trading Area will be listed under the Site Discussions section (in place of the link to this wiki page).

On very rare occasions, a Supervisor may grant early access to the Trading Area. This is done by request through PM, and will only be granted to members with a sizeable amount of posts and being registered for several years without ever getting any warnings.

In contrast, the staff also reserves the right to revoke access to the Trading Area when they deem it necessary.

The 4 Sections

The Trading forum has been separated into 4 different sections:

  • Want to Buy (WTB) - Request items that you wish to buy.
  • Want to Sell (WTS) - Offer items that you wish to sell.
  • Giving/Trading (WTG/WTT) - Give away stuff for free, or trade for something else.
  • Member Feedback - A forum where you can leave feedback about the members you trade with. It is highly recommended to leave your feedback in this forum after a trade to prove the reliability of other members. This forum is ordered alphabetically.

The Rules

If you wish to use the trading forums, you must agree with these additional terms and conditions:
Using the trading forums implies you are aware of these terms and conditions, and that you fully agree with them. Terms may be changed by the staff at any time without notice.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS, its staff, its owners & founders cannot be legally held responsible for any problem you might encounter. By selling or buying an item on this forum, you agree to take full responsibility for your actions.

  1. The users. Only the "confirmed members" may use this forum. A confirmed member is a member having posted at least 100 messages on our forums, excluding the messages posted in our "testing area". Any attempt to raise your post count in order to have access this section will be reprehended.
  2. The items. You may sell or request items matching the following categories: video games (including PC), video game accessories, computer hardware, game consoles, electronics.
    • Forbidden categories: porn, illegally obtained software (eg. pirated games, pirated applications), virtual content (eg. "gold" from MMORPGs), accounts (Steam, PSN, etc). It is also in your best interest that you don't sell highly valuable items.
  3. Selling. It is important that you include the shipping costs in your item description. Once you have officially selected a buyer, it is advised that you refuse any later offer. We cannot really decide for you but we advise you to be fair and loyal.
  4. Requesting. If you are looking for a specific item, you are allowed to create a topic for your request. If your request receives no replies, you may not post a message to "bump" it let alone creating another topic with the same query.
  5. Advertising. You are welcome to use links to your requests or sales in your signature, but posting links to your trades in an inappropriate topic will result in a warn, and keep in mind that if you have a warning, your access to the trading forum may be revoked.
  6. Professionals. Under no circumstance should an online shop post their articles on this forum.

Breach of these rules will cause your trading thread to be removed, and your access to the trading forums to be revoked permanently.

Any trading or begging outside of the designated Trading Area is forbidden and will result in thread removal and a warning.

Thread Prefixes

It is recommended to use Thread Prefixes for your threads in the Trading Area. Not only do they make it clear what type of request you are making, they will also increase visibility in the New Content list. However, as long as you post in the correct forum it is not a requirement.