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Joined in June, 21 2008, a long road of succes began for Blue-K. Learning from the community and helping new members, everything seemed fine. But slowly, more Noobs came to GBATemp, and also, step-by-step, he started to flame then, but also giving the answers they searched for. This special technique saved him from the warnings of the mods, but also gave him enemies (which he doesn't fear...the almighty Ignore-Button saves him always). During the last months, the cooperation between him and the Ignore-Button lead to less flaming. It's unclear if it will stay like that.



Not much is known about Blue-K. We can assume that he is from Switzerland, 18 and visits GBATemp. He also likes to talk in third-person, and making jokes which may seem serious to the average person. He also owns an banned XBox360, a Wii, and a DSi (mainly because he can't sell it on EBay). Also, he fails at grammar.

Blue-K created:

USB Devices Compatibility List
SNEEK SD/SDHC-Card Compatibility List
The famous Noob-Quote
Thousands of Posts in the Wii Hacking/Backup-Section, and counting.

Unanswered questions:

-What does his membername mean?
-Is he good or evil?
-Why the hell did he create this Wiki-Page?
-What do the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 mean?