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This account was banned from the GBATemp forums.


I was born in 1998 from South Korea and has contributed to many wikis. I am spamming and vandalizing wikis since 2007.

Personal Information

  • Name: T.W. Seo
  • Born in 1998, South Korea.

Registered accounts

  • Facebook
  • Gmail (Account is seotaewong40, the other is seotaewong41 – ask for this mail address to be expired.)
  • Hotmail (Taewongnew)
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo (Account is seotaewong40, mapping to – Korea, Republic of)
  • YouTube

Banned places

  • Battle for Wesnoth, The (Forum for the strategy game for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, OS/2 and other platforms)
  • Curse Minecraft Forum (Your ban will never expire.)
  • GnuCash-User (GnuCash Community Support) – Gmail account only
  • Resident Evil Modding Forum (Your ban will never expire.)
  • SuperTux Mailing List (Gmail account only.)
  • SuprBay (I got a ban evasion.)
  • The Nexus Forums (Posting nonsense in unrelated topics)
  • The Spriter's Resource Community (Your ban will never expire.)
  • Typophile: I'm such a banned spammer.
  • Wikipedia – 386sky, Thisisatestpick and other users that were assigned to the spam address which I used. I was tired of vandalism.