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Current Wiki updating status.
Last Update @ 20:32, 6 December 2010 (CET)


All pages (including categories themselves) need to get a proper Category (or Multiple categories). Pages that don't need any Categories are Talk pages, MediaWiki pages, User pages, Images, and Redirects.

Page Removal

Remove most pages marked with the {{Delete}} template. Also delete unused Templates/Images. Page history has to be checked before removal to see if an older version is worth keeping.

Template Documentation

Add proper documentation on all Templates. Documentation includes:

  1. The use of the template (what it does).
  2. If applicable: what page(s) it should be used on.
  3. How to use instructions, with an explanation of the Parameters.

Documentation can be on the Template page itself (inside <noinclude> tags) or on the /doc subpage.

Pages in need of Updates

Pages that need to be Expanded (Stubs) and Pages that need to be Updated (Outdated).

New Pages

Pages that need to be created include pages for all Major Flashcarts/Wii Modchips/Software/Other.


Creation of some Guideline pages: