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AKAIO supports the following functions over WiFi:

  • Wii Connectivity
  • Download Play
  • Multiplayer with one Game Card
  • Multiplayer with multiple Game Cards
  • Update of Loaders, Cheats, Savelist.bin and WiFi plugin over WiFi

How do I get WiFi on my Nintendo DS ?

First you must configure your router. The Nintendo DS Phat and Lite require 802.11b. You can set your router to a B & G mode, as this should also work. The DS also requires that your router is set to channel 1, 6 or 11, according to You can choose to use a WEP key or no security, on the Nintendo DS. With the NDSI you can make use of the stronger WPA security, however, WPA will not work when running software in the "DS" mode. In regards to WEP, set a valid key, and make it a combination of random alpha-numeric characters. If you are going to use homebrew Wi-Fi features then make sure you enter a valid SSID and set it to “Public Broadcast.” It is recommended that you disable any range enhancing features, and in some cases the SPI (Smart Packet Interface) firewall.

After your router is correctly configured, run any Wi-Fi compatible ROM and load that ROM's Wi-Fi settings. Select to automatically configure your settings, and the DS will attempt to connect to your network. The distance from the router is important, and generally 30 feet in diameter. The Wi-Fi wave travels outward and not upward/downward. Sitting 10 feet in front of your router or 10 feet above it are not the same things.

If you experience problems please refer to the following links:

  1. GBATemp's Wi-Fi Technical & Help and Support
  2. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection article
  3. List of Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Connection games article
  4. Nintendo WIFI Official Homepage

Updating via Wi-Fi

From within AKAIO goto Start > More > Wifi Update which will bring up the Wi-Fi Update Window. If you are having problems connecting via Wi-Fi, enable "Broadcast SSID" on your wireless router.

Show on Load

When in doubt pick this option from the "File to Download" spinbox. After confirmation the user will be presented with a set of choices. Here users can pick what to update, which cheat database Web site to download from, and more.

Updating Wi-Fi Plugin

Users can update the Wi-Fi plugin itself. The actual plugin may become outdated as known issues are fixed. A manual install of the most recent plugin may be required in order to use new feature, depending on the version number of your AKAIO install. The most current install of AKAIO includes an updated Wi-Fi plugin. Users can search the loader database for 3 or 5 matching files going back 15 days by adjusting the "Previous Files" option.

Updating Savelist.bin

R.P.G. owners can update to the latest "savelist.bin" via Wi-Fi by selecting the "savelist.bin" button in the Wi-Fi Update options window

Updating Cheats

Cheats can be updated via Wi-Fi in AKAIO. The Cheat Database updates can be updated by navigating to Start > More > Wifi Update. Select the "Cheats" option from the spin box and select "OK". AKAIO will automatically download and uncompress the newest cheat database.

Updating Loaders

The current loaders for the AK2/AK2i and R.P.G. can be downloaded via this Wi-Fi update section. Loaders packaged with each revision of AKAIO are only current at the time of release. The Wi-Fi update will only download the loader for the kit you are using. (IE: ak2loader if you are using the Acekard 2/2.1/2i). Users can search the loader database for 3 or 5 matching files going back 15 days by adjusting the "Previous Files" option.

Get What's New Text

Enabling the "Get What's New" feature of the Wi-Fi updater will allow you to see developer's comments before deciding to update.

Previous Files

This section allows the user to search for 3 or 5 matching files going back 15 days. The options are No, 3, or 5. The option of 3, for example, will query the server for Wi-Fi plugin or Loader updates going back 15 days. If 3 matches are found the user will be presented with options on which to download and install. This feature can be used when it is deemed necessary to load a previous version.


  • I am having AK2.1-to-AK2.1 local Wi-Fi problems, why?

This is a hardware limitation and not an AKAIO problem. Please contact [email protected] with your concerns.

  • I am having DS Download Play issues with my Acekard products, what should I do?

You should attempt do debug this problem by running your back-up ROM with various patches enabled or disabled. The reason for this is because all of the patches require an area of RAM to work. The game must also load code into RAM. The original game code was not written for ROMs running on Flash Linkers. As a result it may use up the full amount of RAM without any assumptions that other code might require it. Soft-reset, Cheats, etc will all use a portion of RAM. If that portion is overwritten by the game code that patch will fail to work, and/or the game may fail to load. So yes, turning off all patches but download play may fix the issue. Please list any fixes you find at the GBATemp's AKAIO ROM Compatibility article.

  • When can I expect Wii connectivity with my Acekards?

The AKAIO team has worked to solve this issue, as of AKAIO v1.5 most ROMs have supported Wii connectivity. Future ROMs dumps with Wii connectivity are not guaranteed to work.

  • How do I use the Wii connectivity option in AKAIO?

As of AKAIO 1.5 you can now connect your NDS to the Wii in games such as Pokemon Battle Revolution, My pokemon ranch and other titles. Using the latest loader you will need to hold "X" while loading the game in order for it to work.

  • I turned off Download-play and my games seem faster, why?

As of AKAIO 1.5.1 in game execution is improved by turning off the Download-play feature. This is an undocumented hidden feature. The user should notice some speed improvements.