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When connected using a component cable, the GameCube and Wii are capable of outputting a 480 line, progressive image, which is superior in quality to its 480i and 576i modes. While many NTSC games are capable of displaying 480p natively, some titles (and all PAL titles) do not include this feature. DIOS MIOS Lite is now able to force a 480p video mode when launching games, allowing some of these games to be displayed with more clarity. Note: it is still preferred to use a game's native progressive mode than to force it using DML. This should be used only on games which do not already support 480p.

To achieve this, DML uses code from emu_kidid's Swiss. As such, the Swiss 480p compatibility list may also be useful as a guide.


Do not add any games which natively support 480p to the list. It's a waste of time and effort.

Expand to read the full guidelines:
  • The name field should use relatively accurate, English-language (or at least Roman lettering) titles wherever possible. Occasional abbreviation is fine, e.g. Baten Kaitos is acceptable without the subtitle, Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. It's also OK to use the full title if that's what you prefer. The most important thing is to avoid confusion, so if in doubt, be as accurate as possible. Don't just put "Zelda" in the list, that's useless.
  • The region field should generally be either JAP or USA for NTSC games, and EUR for PAL games. If your game is not from any of these regions (e.g. the Australian version of Animal Crossing), just use the country's full name. It'll display just fine, and maybe someone will stick a flag on it sometime if it seems worthwhile. Note: just because you bought a game in a certain country, doesn't mean it's from that specific region. e.g. Canadian games are usually just the USA version, and Australian/New Zealand games are usually just the EUR version.
  • The 60hz field is for PAL games only. Do not use it in the NTSC list for any reason. For PAL users: many (but not all) games with 60Hz will list it on the box art somewhere. Games which support both 50 and 60Hz should pop up a menu when launched asking which to use. Some games (e.g. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes) only support 60Hz. Valid choices for 60Hz support are yes, no, and only. If you can't figure it out for some reason, a question mark (?) will suffice as a temporary measure. Leave the field out entirely on NTSC games.
  • The rev field is for the revision of DIOS MIOS Lite used for testing. Make sure you're using the latest build that has 480p support. Right now this means a custom tweak of r59 by conanac, dubbed r59p for the purposes of this list. Do not use anything older than this build or any other current or future builds without this feature included and enabled.
  • The status field should cover the result of forcing 480p only, and read Works, Issues or Doesn't work. If a game doesn't work in 480p for some other reason (e.g. not being supported by DIOS MIOS Lite at all), don't bother putting the game on the list. Games marked as working should be close to perfect: some games might display slightly higher on the screen than usual, but this is still working. Issues means the game is identifiably running, but not functioning correctly. Wrong aspect ratio, missing sections of the screen, scrolling screens, visual artifacts, flashing, etc. are all issues. Doesn't work means either that the game is not identifiably running (crashes, black screens, etc.) or the 480p forcing failed and the game switched back to some other resolution (the Information button on most modern TV remotes will often tell you the current display resolution).
  • The notes field is for anything not covered by the other fields which is important to mention. You might mark a game as "Works" but need to specify that you need to use 60Hz mode to avoid issues. Or a game might have specific issues (e.g. "Lines across the screen" that are worth mentioning. This field is not for comments like "Works great" or "Boring game" or anything else that isn't useful information.

NTSC games

Many (most, even) games released in NTSC regions already support 480p natively. Please only include games that cannot ordinarily be made to display a progressive picture. Wikipedia has a relatively exhaustive list of games with 480p support which you may wish to consult.

Game Region Rev. Status Notes
Beyond Good and Evil USAUSA 2.10 Works
Bloodrayne USAUSA r59p2 Issues Right side of screen is stuck on last image from opening FMV as the game screen does not extend all the way to the right edge of the TV screen
Bomberman Land 2 JapanJAP r59p Doesn't work Black screen.
Bust-a-Move 3000 USAUSA r59p Doesn't work Black screen, green line in lower right.
I-Ninja USAUSA r59p Works
Skies of Arcadia Legends USAUSA r59p Works
Ultimate Spider-Man USAUSA r59p Doesn't work Reverts to 480i.
Wallace & Gromit in Project Zoo USAUSA r59p Doesn't work Freezes after company logos.
Wario Ware Inc.: Mega Party Games! USAUSA r59p Works

PAL games

For PAL releases, Nintendo decided not to allow 480p output in games, though the hardware was just as much capable of it as NTSC consoles. Instead of the option to switch to progressive mode, many PAL games allowed switching from 50Hz (576i) to 60Hz (480i), allowing games to run at the same (higher) refresh rate and (lower) resolution as their NTSC counterparts. While not strictly related to 480p output, the capability of games to use 60Hz mode can impact compatibility in some cases, with side effects sometimes resulting from a mismatch between expected (576i50) and actual (480p60) display, such as incorrect aspect ratios, playback speed or cropping of the bottom of the image. Whenever possible, use 60Hz mode for the best chance of compatibility.

Game Region 60Hz Rev. Status Notes
Animal Crossing AustraliaAustralia r59p Doesn't work Massive scrolling and flickering. Blackscreens before gameplay.
Doshin the Giant EuropeEUR r59p Works
F-Zero GX EuropeEUR r59p Issues When forcing 480p, the 50/60Hz switch refuses to appear. Stuck in 50Hz mode, the aspect is wrong and bottom of screen is cut off.
Ikaruga EuropeEUR r59p Doesn't work Reverts to 576i.
Legend of Zelda, The: Wind Waker, The EuropeEUR r59p Works
Lost Kingdoms EuropeEUR r59p Works Must use 60Hz mode. Blackscreens after copyright screen in 50Hz.
Luigi's Mansion EuropeEUR r59p Works
Metroid Prime EuropeEUR r59p Issues Must use 50Hz mode. Black screen with 60Hz. Aspect ratio is wrong, ~8:5, close to 16:9 though, so TVs with widescreen support will look good.
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door EuropeEUR r59p Doesn't work Video mode is reset to 576i at the 50/60Hz switch. Runs 480i if 60Hz is selected.
Pikmin EuropeEUR r59p Doesn't work Blackscreens after Nintendo logo.
Skies of Arcadia Legends EuropeEUR r59p Works
Spider-Man EuropeEUR r59p Works
Spider-Man 2 EuropeEUR r59p Issues Major aspect ratio and screen corruption problems.
Super Mario Sunshine EuropeEUR r59p Issues When forcing 480p, the 50/60Hz switch refuses to appear. Stuck in 50Hz mode, the aspect is wrong and bottom of screen is cut off.
Super Smash Bros. Melee EuropeEUR r59p Works Must use 60Hz mode. Screen cut off in 50Hz.
Tales of Symphonia EuropeEUR r59p Issues Graphical "echoes" in top half of screen, corrupted line across center, screen cutoffs in skits and menu.
  • ^ 60Hz-only game