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Game Name Region DML rev. Status NMM Shrunk Notes Confirmed

Arbin II: Arbinner USAUSA r42 Issues Random freezes on third stage. Must be uncompressed to run. 7
Australian Game Australia r47 Lame ✔ 973MB Just lame. 31

Colder Zone, A EuropeEUR r39 Issues ✔ 248MB Sometimes crashes during FMV. 5

James and the Giant Pune JapanJAP r47 Works ✔ 1184MB 2

Legend of Crediar, The: Ballerina of Crime EuropeEUR r39 Doesn't Work Black screen after copyright info. 53
Logan: Portrait of A USAUSA r39 Works ✔ 459MB 3

Vagaries of Adventure EuropeEUR r39 Works ✔ 236MB Minor lag throughout. 0