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Viper Multi Boot ISO Creator Picture v1.2b Interface






[15/04/2005]: v1.2b

  • Added Ability to see the list of iso added! making a lot more easy to remind all ISO already added!
  • Shows the number of files already processed!
  • Removed "Rename last iso" from v1.1b
  • Replaced with "Rename Selected ISO" from list box
  • Removed the STREAM FIX option.... Useless now! ;)

Greets to all guys making this scene lot better!

Special Thanks to MENATL CUBE! My request is DONE! Your AUTO detection disk format works fine! ;)

Happy Birthday to P.Arthuro this release is for you!

[08/04/2005]: v1.1b

  • Added Ability to change the inside name of last iso added (( Usefull for the Emulattion Inside name! ))
  • Fixed Padding and adding selection ((Some PC or OS does not like BIG allocation memory))

NOTE: Some test have been made with few N64 ROMS Using EMU generated by PHOENIX v2.50 And all of them load and work flawlessly

Mario64,mariokart,star soldier,starfox,wave racer Just be sure to rename .V64 and make sure the contain is BYTES SWAPED and all should work fine.... Tested with the new Cobra BIOS 1.0 on GC version 38 If you have probs make sure your roms is error free But keep in mind that very few roms are working with this emu

[03/04/2005]: v1.0b

The multiboot option offer by MENTAL CUBE is totally kool and i hope this tool will help you to creat many multi game iso.

EMULATION is an example of this kool feature. Now lots of N64 EMULATOR ISO that allow normaly only 1 game per DISK can be use as many as you can store!

And about original game you own you can easily find many of them that will be perfect to fit on multigame disk!

NOTE about the tool: (( You must know this is my first try in WONDOWS apps!))

1: The tools is BASED on FSTFIX so all image will be fixed to ensure minimal size of the iso! ** No need to remove the garbage manually! **

2: If you forgot to select STREAM FIX option.

          The tools will ask you to fix it if stream is detected!

3. If the app stops responding while adding an ISO, it will respond again when the ISO adding process is completed

4: If you add iso like n64 emulator, I suggest you to HEX EDIT the name in the iso itself before adding it! or you will get a multi boot disk with all same game name because N64 EMULATOR have is own name. Just rename it to the game used for the emulation!


Viper Multi Boot ISO Creator 1.2b



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