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Voxel is a dank mem(b)er at

Voxel's sexy af profile


Voxel is currently living up North in some remote town probably no-one has ever heard of. He aspires to study game development at College and Uni, and land some top job at a major game development company... At the moment he currently enjoys working on Unity projects as a hobby, as well as toying around with PS Vita and Original Xbox hacks; 2 consoles that, may I add, are severely underrated! :-(

He joined GBATemp in mid-2015 after discovering that Ninjhax 2.0 has released for the 3DS (yeah, remember that f*cking hard-to-get Cubic Ninja cart??), ergo he became increasingly addicted to lurking round the forums, meeting a lot of overall pleasant folk in the process... =)