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WBFS Managers

A summary of different WBFS Managers out there..
Similar to the USB Loader releases page, but to list out the different manager tools to load images to your WBFS device, without using the Wii itself..
(I'm just starting this.. hope it gets filled out..)

WBFS Loader Releases
Name Ver/Last Update Coder Platform Interface Based On Delete Bug Fix ISO Install Sorg's Mod Renaming Channel Creator Covers RAR/ZIP Support Download
WBFS for MacOS X
v1.0 (100) / Apr 8, 2009 darkten and om_nous MacOS X 10.5+ GUI (Cocoa) libwbfs Not Yet Multi Drag-and-Drop / Threaded Process Queue Unknown Yes No No No Download
WBFS GUI (Linux)
v???/unknown jeremy2491 Linux GUI (Ruby) unknown unknown single? unknown unknown no no no Download
WBFS Wrapper by Cojiro
v0.3/unknown Cojiro Linux GUI (wrapper) (linux cli?) unknown single unknown unknown no no no Download
wbfs_win Gibbed Windows (all?) CLI (cygwin version) unknown single unknown unknown no no no Download
WBFS Windows GUI
v???/unknown Maximillion Windows (all?) GUI (wrapper) wbfs_win (delta) unknown single unknown unknown no no no Download
v20/20090407 n1xx Windows GUI unknown unknown multi yes yes unknown yes no Download
WBFS Manager and Channel Creator v3.3/20090411 HowardC Windows GUI unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown yes unknown experimental Download
(see thread for other dist files)
WBFS Manager
2.21 AlexDP Windows GUI libwbfs yes multi/drag'n'drop yes yes no yes no (many, see thread page for download links)