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Temporary page for WiiU's WUP Installer homebrew.

Initial release

First version by Crediar.

This versions works with web hax, from 3.x to 5.4.0

HBL version

Dimok updated WUP installer to elf format.

HBL versions Mods

WUP Installer GX2


v1.1 r19

Fixed not working installable channel

v1.1 r18

* Changed BgMusic to use a free one
* Changed the way the browser manage the scrollbar
* Added a check to detect title.tik inside folder
* Added a variable to install in the same sequence you selected titles
* Added block home button while install process
* Added disabling auto power-down while installing and re-enabling it afterwards if it is used

v0.1 r13

Fixed launching the installer from HBL Miimaker mode (v1.x)

v0.1 r11

Initial release
Works only if launched from HBL channel (v2.x)

WII U USB Helper Transfer Tool (FTP+WUP all in one)

Changelog v1.0

Added FTP support inside WUP Installer. Press Y to refresh the files uploaded to SD.
Little hack in ftpiiu everywhere (with iosuhax) to increase the upload speed (up to 2x faster in some conditions)
The ftp server will only mount your sd card so you're assured not to brick your console, even in iosuhax mode.

WUP Installer mod y



Added support for Wii U Menu Homebrew Launcher


Fixed error display 0xFFFBxxxx [Cyan]
Moved error codes to main install menu.
Don't display files in SD:/install if subfolders are used


Fixed selection of NAND/USB.
Allow remount of SD and rescan folders.
More button & error descriptions.
Show last installed folder.


Display install directory while installing and on errors.
Start at first selected directory when installing. This fixes an issue where if you pick to install on an unselected directory, it may install anyway.


Fixed install progress display when WUP larger than 4GB.
Added ability to install multiple WUP directories.
Fixed bug in y1.0 where you could no longer just use the install/ directory.


Allows installation of game, update, DLC or demo to NAND or USB.
** DLC and demo installation is untested **

User Friendly WUP Installer

  • Mod by Benoit934, based on dimok's version.
  • thread


Invert UP/DOWN Keys
Fix Y Key
Add Scrollable and redimentionable list
Replace Left/Right key pad by A Toggle
Use X to install and L/R to switch storage
Check Tik for resolving name and version number
Caching resolved list
Trigger install only if there is elected dirs
Scrolling names for better Gamepad display
Resolve package type (DLC, UPDATE)
Work with the new HBL

WupInstaller any titles


Replaced the whitelist to allows game installation
Added some checks to prevent installing system files