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From [ official site]
From [ official site]
Or [ WiiBrickBlocker]
'''Language files:'''
'''Language files:'''

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WiiBrickBlocker v1.3 Interface


A small piece of software that enables you to patch an Iso file before you burn it. A Wii DVD consists of 3 partitions, one of them is the update. The WBB modifies these partitions and replaces one of them without any update. You just have to choose your Iso file, and click Patch, it only takes 30sec... After that you can burn your Iso and the game will launch without an update so you will be able to play your import game.


  1. Double click the application icon
  2. Click "Browse"
  3. Select the ISO to patch
  4. Click "Patch"
  5. Wait until the progressbar is full and the "Complete" label appears
  6. Optional: click on "Read info" to view some ISO related useful infos


WiiBrickBlocker requires the user to have .NET Framework 2.0 or newer.


See Region Free Compatibility List


Patch your import games which contain an update in order to remove it, and so you don't risk too brick your console.
Add a menu, thanks, and little optimization
New Open Dialog, I think i run on Vista (waiting for your reaction on
Wii-addict hyperlink work only with Internet Explorer (sorry but no better)
Read Game information in the ISO file
Multilanguage (directory lng)
Automatic save of selected language
You can add your own lng file in the directory (please send your files to Rockman)
You can add your own Maker Code in code.ini (please send your files to Rockman)


From official site Or WiiBrickBlocker

Language files:


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