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Wii SX is a PSX emulator for the Wii created by the Wii64 team. At its current stage, (beta 1), most games are fully playable at full speed.


  • Put the WiiSX .dol file on your SD card
  • Put your PSX game files (.bin and .cue only) on your SD card in the folder PSXISOS, alongside SCPH1001.BIN. The PSXISOS should be at the root of the card
  • Load WiiSX using any method of homebrew loading.
  • Load your game and play!

Features (beta 1)

  • Software rendered graphics
  • Dynamic Recompilation (aka dynarec)
  • Memory card/saving
  • SD Storage Loading
  • Progressive/Widescreen Resolution

Future goals

  • GUI interface
  • Configurable input
  • Save States
  • Hardware Accelerated Graphics
  • CDDA Streaming
  • .ISO format support
  • Fix missing XA sound
  • Rumble Support
  • Light gun support


While most games are fully compatible, others do not work as well or work at all.

You can find the compatibility list here

General issues

  • Many games will experience unsynced, unplayable, or garbled audio.
  • Not all games (such as Tomb Raider) will work. If one doesn't work in one emulation options (dynarec or interpreter), try it in the other. However, dynarec is generally faster.


You can find the current build of WiiSX here