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Windows tool that generates the MD5 checksum of your Wii backups.



  • Windows XP




Wii ISO MD5 Generator (2007/02/16)


Q: What does this tool do ?

A: It generates the MD5 checksum of your Wii backups (the ISO files after you dumped your originals)

  With this info you can verify on our site if your dump is good, or will lead to a wasted DVD

Q: How do I use it ?

A: Start the app, click on the small button on the left of the second long textfield and select your

  Wii Iso. Then press the "Generate MD5" button and wait. After a while it will show you the MD5 hash.

Q: I takes forever for me to generade the MD5. Whats the problem ?

A: The speed is pending on your PC. The faster your CPU and harddisk is, the faster you will get the MD5.

Q: Can I give this tool to my friends, or put it up on my own website for download ?

A: Yes, as long as the tool is not modified, and this readme file is included, you can do whatever you

  want with this app (except selling it :P).


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