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Since the 3.0 update, the Nintendo Wii support USB Keyboards for typing mails and memos on Wii Message Board, searching on Wii Shop Channel (you can type game names in the search box) and maybe on Internet Channel soon...

It is possible that Nintendo or 3rd Party to release a USB or Bluetooth Keyboard for Wii

By the way, it is possible that Nintendo add support for others USB devices on firmware 3.0...

Wii Channels


  1. Wii Message Board
  2. Wii Shop Channel

not supported yet

  1. Everybody Votes Channel
  2. Mii Channel
  3. Internet Channel

USB Keyboards

No all USB keyboards are compatible with Wii. Here is a list of keyboards supported or not. You can add your keyboard by editing this wiki article.


- Apple Mac Keyboard

- Compaq Keyboard

not supported

Bluetooth Keyboards

Bluetooth Keyboards might works with Wii too.

Quote from dc735's YouTube video :

"Push the connect key of this Bluetooth keyboard and then push the red link button of Wii. The process is the very same as the way how to link a Wii remote to Wii."

Keys functions

- Media Keys does nothing

- F4 show/hide words help filling

External links

dc735 videos about Bluetooth periphericals on Wii (YouTube) (Need confirmation if this is fake, Bluetooth working or modify Hardware)