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Wii region patch Interface


This tool allows you to patch the region code of your Wii and GameCube backup games. That way you will be able to play for example the backup of a japanese Wii or GameCube game on your PAL Wii.


Start the app, click on the small button on the left of the second long textfield and select your Wii or GameCube Iso. The game title and region will now automaticly be read. After that, you can select to which region you want to patch the game.


  • Windows XP




Q: I get a strange message that the ISO is unknown when selecting a GameCube ISO ?

A: Some people have modified their GameCube ISO's with either the streaming audio fix or the stripped garbage and so on. In that case, the program want's to make sure that the selected file is definatly a GameCube ISO. If you are sure that you selected a GameCube ISO, just press "YES" and proceed. Warning: Using this program on other ISO files than Wii or GameCube ISO'S may damage those files !!

Q: Why should I use this tool ? there are already other tools and many modchips support regionfree anyway !

A: Noone is forced to use this application ;) However, many modchips do not support region free for the GameCube games, so at least here it may be helpful. Also, this program was designed to be very user friendly, and we hope that some people find it useful.

Q: Why can't I patch PAL ISO's to NTSC ?

A: Normally PAL games won't run on NTSC based systems due to a conflict between the PAL and NTSC norm. However, if you still want to try it, start the program with the parameter "-godmode" (without quotes)

Q: Can I give this tool to my friends, or put it up on my own website for download ?

A: Yes, as long as the tool is not modified, and this readme file is included, you can do whatever you want with this app (except selling it :P).


Wii Region Patch 2007-04


  • Wii-Xposed

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