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Since the 3.0 update & the release of Boogie, the Nintendo Wii has added support for Keyboards & Microphones. This is a chart of USB devices found to be working or not Working with the Wii Console.

USB Keyboards


Since the 3.0 update, the Nintendo Wii has support USB Keyboards for typing mail and memos on the Wii Message Board, searching on the Wii Shop Channel (you can type game names in the search box) and maybe on Internet Channel soon...

It is possible that Nintendo or a 3rd Party may release a USB or Bluetooth Keyboard for the Wii. Nintendo and Logitech have confirmed that they are giving support for a USB keyboard (the Classic Keyboard 200) for the Wii.

By the way, it is possible that Nintendo has added support for other USB devices on firmware 3.0.

Wii Channels


  1. Wii Menu
  1. Wii Shop Channel


  1. Everybody Votes Channel

Wii message board

Compatible USB Keyboards

Brand Name Comments
Apple USB Mac Keyboard
Belkin Nostromo™ SpeedPad n52 Works as a half keyboard. The D-pad works like the cursor keys. Scroll wheel, wheel button and red button do not work.
Compaq USB Keyboard
Dell USB Keyboard
HP Wireless Keyboard/Mouse combo Mouse does not work
Memorex USB Keyboard
IBM/Lenovo USB Keyboard with UltraNav Mouse does not work. (Both Trackpoint and Ultranav)
IBM/Lenovo Rapid Access II Keyboard Extra buttons (Cd Player, etc) do not work.
Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard
Logitech Classic Keyboard 200
Wireless ex 100 only keyboard, mouse not work
Macally iKEYSLIM (Mac compatible kb) Volume, eject & power buttons naturally do not work; however 2 USB pass-through ports are functional
 ?? N-JoyIt Keyboard
Zippy Slim Illuminated Keyboard EL-715
Microsoft Microsoft Sidewinder Keyboard X6


Brand Name Comments
 ?? Noname 'Model NO.F21 XP1' Multimedia Keyboard

Bluetooth Keyboards

Brand Name Comments
 ??  ??  ??

Key's functions

  • Media Keys do nothing
  • F4 : show/hide words help filling
  • ALT + ENTER : Accept, Enter
  • ALT + BACKSPACE : Return
  • ALT + ESCAPE : Return
  • ALT + SPACEBAR : 2 spaces
  • CTRL + SPACEBAR : 2 spaces
  • CTRL + ALT + E : Euro sign "€" (not shown on old keyboards)

External links

USB Microphones

USB microphones are found to function for audio input in the EA game "Boogie". They can not yet be used with the browser or anywhere else.

Brand Name Comments
Logitech USB Headset for PS2 Works with Boogie.

USB Hubs

USB hubs should allow the use of other known functioning USB devices.

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