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WiigionFree 0.5 Interface


The latest version of WiigionFree can be downloaded from:


  • Version 0.1 was released on 26/02/07 and included the ability to patch to NTSC_U and PAL, it had a very basic GUI.
  • Version 0.2 was released on 27/02/07, it only included a bugfix in the ISO selection feature of WiigionFree
  • Version 0.5 was released on 28/02/07 and had a completely new interface, which allowed for patching to a separate file (as to retain the data in the original).
  • Version 1.0 was released on 01/03/07 and will be the final version of WiigionFree (barring bugs or major discoveries)


See Region Free Compatibility List


WiigionFree requires the user to have Java Runtime Enviroment 1.2 or newer, all modern computers should already have this.



  1. Double click the application icon, or right click open with Java Runtime Enviroment
  2. Click ... next to "Input File"
  3. Select the ISO to patch (If you wish to patch to the file directly, skip to step 6)
  4. Click ... next to "Output File"
  5. Select a location to output the file to, and give it a name
  6. Click Patch!

Command Line

  1. CD to the directory of wiigionfree.jar
  2. Type java -jar wiigionfree [INPUTFILE] [TARGETREGION] [OUTPUTFILE]

INPUTFILE = The ISO file to patch
OUTPUTFILE = Where to output the patched file (optional)

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