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WikiTemp contains various Compatibility lists (or Compatibility tables).


  • When creating a new Compatibility list, preferably name the page as "(subject) Compatibility List", where (subject) is the thing the list is created for.
  • The first text on the page should explain what (subject) is, preferably with relevant links.
  • Posting guidelines should be put above the compatibility list, if applicable.
  • Lists that use a table format should explain their individual columns.
  • List pages must explain how to edit the list. If a template is used for the rows, this must also be noted, and a blank template must be provided for easy copying.
  • List pages must be categorized in Category:Compatibility Lists. Additional relevant categories must be added as well (if any).
  • List pages must have template {{Compat legend}} above the actual list.
  • Compatibility tables must use the class compatibilitytable (or compattable)

CSS classes

Compatibility lists make use of certain CSS classes to provide their colors. This has several advantages:

  • Shorter code on the page and the resulting HTML.
  • Provides more consistency across pages.
  • People can easily customize colors through personal site CSS or browser extensions like Stylish.

An overview of the classes used and their meaning:

Class Status
ct-works Working
ct-minor Minor issues
ct-issues (Bigger) issues
ct-broken Not working
ct-noresult Not tested

The meanings of the colors are further explained in the compatibility legend on each compatibility list page. For the default colors, see MediaWiki:Common.css