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The Spambot extension is a quick extension written for use on the GBAtemp Wiki. It combines a series of actions that are often used against spambots to make it easier for wiki sysops to clean up the wiki.

What it does

When used, the following actions are all taken automaticaly:

  • Delete all recently created pages by the user
  • Rollback all latest edits from the user
  • Hide all other revisions from the user (deleterevision)
  • Block the user indefinitely (1 month for IP addresses)
  • Hide all related recent changes logs (marked as bot edits). They can still be seen by enabling bot edits, or by going to the actual log page.
  • Logs to the Spambot log instead of the Block Log.

Added rights

Two new rights are added:

  • spambot: Grants the ability to use the Spambot feature and protects from being spambotted.
  • spambot-all: Gives the ability to use the Spambot feature on IP addresses and user accounts older than set by $wgSpambotMaxAge.
  • spambot-protected: Protects against being "spambotted" but doesn't give access to the page.


-- Version 1.0 --
* Initial release

-- Version 1.1 --
* Added support for IP addresses
* Can now rollback edits and hide revisions
* Some hardcoded strings -> I18N
* Overall security increase

-- Version 1.2 --
* Added $wgSpambotMaxAge to protect users older than that (spammers tend to spam immediately).
* Added spambot-all right to bypass said restriction. This right is now also needed to use the feature on IP addresses.
* Code cleanup