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This page gives an overview of the Skins designed for WikiTemp.


The main skin used by the Wiki. This Skin was also used by the main site when it was using IPB3 as forum software. After the site changed to XenForo, the wiki kept using the same skin rather than changing with the main site. This skin is based on an improved version of the tempstyle3 skin. It simplifies and streamlines the various elements on the page to make them look nicer, and to reduce page loading times.


An old GBAtemp skin used by GBAtemp V2. This skin was used by the main site when it was updated to IPB2, and is based on the design of the original site. The wiki did not yet exist at the time this skin was active, but it has now been backported for the people who prefer using it. This skin is lighter than the other GBAtemp skins.


The skin used by the third iteration of GBAtemp. This iteration also introduced the wiki, although the skin was only ported over after some time had passed. This skin is a lot heavier than the other skins due to its large amount of elements and styles to make it look futuristic.


This skin is used by the current iteration of the site, GBAtemp V4. It imitates the XenForo default styles to make it look virtually identical to the main site. Several elements have been placed differently on this skin, like the content actions which are in the title bar instead of below it.