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This is a small overview of the different user groups available on WikiTemp.

Note that people can have multiple groups at the same time (not anonymous users).

For a full list of everything a group can do, see Special:UserGroupRights.


Also known as "Anonymous Users" or "Anons". This is not actually a user group, but rather the state of not having a group at all. People who have not created an account on WikiTemp belong to this "group". Users are identified by their IP address, which will be publicly visible in edit logs and page histories.


This is the standard group in which all people who create an account belong. Note that WikiTemp does not share accounts with its parent site, and thus requires a separate registration. Creating an account has several benefits: It masks your IP address (from non-sysops), allows you to customize preferences, lets you rename pages, among others. It is recommended to add an email address and confirm it, so that you can reset your password in case you forget it. If you have an account on the forums, we recommend using the same username as there, although the wiki may not allow the same characters to be used.

Autoconfirmed Users

Accounts that have made a sufficient amount of edits and have been registered for enough time will automatically be "promoted" to this group. This group can bypass Captchas and edit semi-protected pages. This system is in place to prevent spambots from registering and immediately abusing their new rights.

This is an implicit group, it will not be shown to other users on pages like the user list. It is, however, listed on Special:Preferences.


Bots are automated users who do predefined tasks on the wiki. Bot edits are hidden from the recent changes by default. Reserved for accounts that edit through scripts, such a pywikibot.


This is a small group for trusted users who are given access to the rollback feature to make it easier to revert spam and vandalism, without having to give them full Sysop rights.


Sysops (System Operators) are staff members of the wiki who posses additional rights in order to keep the wiki clean. They are able to delete and restore pages, protect pages from being edited by certain user groups, check IP addresses of users, and more. This group is reserved for staff members of or highly trusted users. This group has to be manually assigned by a bureaucrat.


Sysadmins (System Administrators) are the technical maintainers of the site. Users in this group can manage the user rights of all groups, including sysadmins. They may also hide certain page revisions from all users except sysadmins (including sysops). This group is reserved for technical staff, and must be assigned by (another) sysadmin.