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XxDaSaMixX's entry for the How much do you love GBAtemp? competition.



I am in love with you GBAtemp.NET!! wub.gif But not always….…At first, I was surfing across waves of crummy and cruel web sites, in search of a home for my geekdom to melt with and become one. Until my friend, Google, showed me to the light. This light I have longed for forever. I never new such bliss could exist. Each and every day, I lust for you. I nervously, and impatiently fret around in school, until 3.05 when the bell sounds, and I am finally free. I am finally free to meet up with my love, We share news, and information with each other, and I love your liveliness. You tickle me joyously, with great news, and unbiased reviews, and I can sleep easily with the fact that there will be more of you the next day. I love logging in and out of you everyday, and I know you love it too. Of course I have protection, and its on each time I log into you. I don’t want anyone stealing my key to your love. After I’m done logging in, I post all over you. It feels great posting on you because I can express myself all over you. I also, love it when you post back at me, and it always gets all in my face. I also love your friends as well. You have thousands of them. I love posting at them, and I think they like posting at me too, but I’m not sure. Don’t get mad, you are my one true love, the others are just my associates. But maybe, whenever we are all trap in a thread, we can all post at each other, and have even more fun….Maybe. I love you I really do. And if you don’t love me, I still love you. I hope you have a great and loveful Valentines Day my love, and remember, I know where you live. cool.gif