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Posting Guidelines

Name - Add the name obviously and if it’s a game that has several releases like 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 add it as well.

Region - Enter "USA", "JAP", or "EUR". Do NOT change the region of an existing game entry. When there is a special release for a specific country, enter an appropriate abbreviation.

Type - For GB/GBC VC section only. Enter "GB" if the injected game was originally for the Game Boy, "GBC" if it was released for the Game Boy Color. For the rest of the other consoles simply enter "".

New3DS? - This describes whether the game was tested on a New or Old3DS(XL). Enter "Yes" if the injected game was tested on a New3DS(XL), "No" if the game was tested on an Old3DS(XL) or 2DS.

Status - This describes the compatibility of the injected game. Enter "Works", "Issues", or "Doesn't Work".

Notes - Use this to describe playability, bugs and glitches and to give additional other notes if needed.

Template - {{ 3DS VC Inject | name = ... | region = USA/EUR/JAP | type = —/GB/GBC | new3ds = Yes/No | status = Doesn't Work/Works/Issues | notes = please add a note if needed}}

Compatibility Legend Class (?)
Games that work 100% or have few/very minor issues, like stuttering audio, or other things that don't affect gameplay. ct-works
Games that work almost 100% and are playable but have some issues like missing textures or crashes after doing certain in-game action not supposed to be done (a intentional bug for example). ct-minor
Games that mostly work but with more serious but playable bugs, or random lockups (random doesn't mean lock up every time at the same spot in the game). ct-issues
Games that do not load and have major problems and/or are unplayable, or have consistent lock ups. ct-broken
Unknown status. Game has not been tested, or the test results were unclear. ct-noresult

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NES / Famicom

Letter Game Name Region Type New3DS? Notes
T DuckTales USAUSA Yes
T TaleSpin USAUSA Yes

SNES / Super Famicom

Take caution these SNES games will only work on New3DS(XL) systems. They run at unplayable speeds on Old3DS(XL) systems.

The SNES VC emulator is a very good one at least, and can run almost every game on the SNES library at full speed. Please note a few games will not work, such as Star Fox 2 or Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

Letter Game Name Region Type New3DS? Notes
A Astérix et Obélix EuropeEUR Yes
C Chrono Trigger USAUSA Yes
M Mario Paint (Joystick Hack) USAUSA Yes
T Road Runner's Death Valley Rally USAUSA Yes
S Street Fighter II - The World Warrior USAUSA Yes
S Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World EuropeEUR Yes Sky gradient backgrounds display black most of the time.
T Taz-Mania USAUSA Yes
T Tetris Attack USAUSA Yes
T The Lion King USAUSA Yes
T The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare USAUSA Yes
T Tom & Jerry EuropeEUR Yes

Game Boy / Game Boy Color

Letter Game Name Region Type New3DS? Notes
# 101 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue USAUSA GBC Yes
M Mario & Yoshi EuropeEUR GB Yes
P Pokémon Yellow Version USAUSA GBC No Injected onto Zelda: Link's Awakening DX and Shantae using browser exploit.
S Sabrina: the Animated Series - Zapped! USAUSA GBC Yes Constant music glitches.
T Taz-Mania USAUSA GB Yes
T Taz-Mania 2 USAUSA GB Yes

Game Boy Advance

Main: Custom GBA Compatibility List

Sega Game Gear

Letter Game Name Region Type New3DS? Notes
T Tom & Jerry: The Movie USAUSA Yes