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Acekard RPG
Manufacturer AceKard team
OS AceKard RPG


Clone No
DSi Compatible No
3DS Compatible ??
SD Slot Top, SDHC
Spring Loaded Yes
Cheat File(s) cheat.dat, cheat.xml, usrcheat.dat
Official Website
GBAtemp Award Silver

The Acekard R.P.G. is a Nintendo DS SLOT-1 flash card which fits flush in the DS slot.

It has available 1GB (gigabyte), or 8Gbit as they advertise it, of on-board "ultra fast" NAND flash memory. An industry standard mini-USB port is situated on the top of the cart used for managing the contents of the on-board flash memory.

A spring loaded micro SD slot is also found on the cart which will accommodated either a standard micro SD card or the new higher capacity micro SDHC cards. SDHC cards support up to 32GB of storage on a single card.


  • World's first Dual storage slot-1 card. Utilizes built in NAND flash as well as MicroSD cards.
  • Build in "Quick Exchange" Technology
  • World's first "Auto Save Type Detection"
  • Build in USB connector, support U-Disk
  • 100% Compatibility for all NDS games
  • Support for most Homebrew programs/games
  • Built-in "Rom Trimming" Function
  • Fully touch screen operation
  • Original game cart size, simple plug and play, no passme or flashed NDS needed.
  • Can be used as a PassMe to boot from slot-2 flash cards
  • Using "write balance" technology, able to re-write NAND flash more than usual
  • Save files are directly written to memory
  • Micro SD files exchange
  • Support Multi-language
  • Easy Skin Change
  • Open Source



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