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Acekard (flash cart)
Manufacturer AceKard team
OS AceKard Firmware
Clone No
DSi Compatible ??
3DS Compatible ??
SD Slot ??
Spring Loaded ??
Cheat File(s) Unknown
Official Website
GBAtemp Award No reward

The Acekard (aka AceKard, Ace Kard, Acecard, Ace Card) is a Nintendo DS SLOT-1 flash kit which fits flush in the DS slot and supports microSD (or "transflash") memory cards up to 2GB (2 gigabytes/16 gigabits) in size. It uses a proprietary file system called AKFS, requiring MicroSD cards to be formatted for the Acekard alone. It is the eponymous flash card of the Acekard Team, and later received a hardware upgrade in the Acekard+. This version shared its GUI with the original Acekard, but used the standard FAT file system. Acekard offered the Acekard+ as a free upgrade for purchasers of the original device.


  • Same size as genuine DS card.
  • Flashme/Passme is NOT required.Plug-and-Play
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Supports CleanRom
  • Compatible with all DS games
  • Supports link slot2.
  • Supports MoonShell.
  • Flashcard in slot2 can be started directly by AceKard.
  • Uses high speed TF card.
  • NO latency when playing game.
  • Perfect Save System.
  • Uses original flash chip. Never lose your save.
  • Uses other flashcard’s save files directly.
  • DIY interface
  • Tiny boot core.
  • The menu program is in TF card and can be updated anytime easily.
  • You can DIY boot core and GUI in Windows.
  • The AK2i is flashable by an update file, but only if you have a usable DSI 1.3 , DS or DSL


AceKard GBAtemp Review

Excerpt: "The biggest problem with the AceKard is its proprietary file system, the AKFS. Because of this, you have to use a PC running Windows to use their client software that is currently very buggy and lacking in functionality. You can't create folders, or organise games. And there are limitations when deleting games, in that you can only write a game of equal size to that which you deleted back into that space."

On the Acekard+ only, the AKAIO custom firmware can optionally be used for its additional features and easier setup and use.


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