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AKA: DS-X, DS Xtreme, DS-Xtreme, DS Extreme, DS-Extreme.
Manufactured by: DS-X


The DS-Xtreme uses 512MB of internal NAND flash memory, and does not support memory cards. The DS-Xtreme has a mini-B USB port built onto it which doesn't stick out, and still allows the DS-Xtreme to sit flush your Nintendo DS. And there's no need for a PassCard as the DS-Xtreme already has PassMe functionality built in.


  • One single unified device, no need for GBA Cart, external memory or passme/flashme
  • Functions as a flash cart, compatible with homebrew, media and other image files
  • Plug ‘n Play, no PC software required allowing for some seriously sweet Drag ‘n Drop file transfer
  • Intuitively designed custom operating system which is fully upgradeable
  • Included 4GBit (512Mbyte) onboard flash memory
  • Hardware design compatible with all current and future DS consoles, same size as original DS cartridge – does NOT stick out!
  • Custom engineered components such as a High-Speed USB 2.0 mini-B connector and full sized EEPROM.

GBAtemp Review

DS-Xtreme GBAtemp Review

Excerpt: "So it the DS-Xtreme worth the cash? If you want a reliable, highly compatible slot 1 solution and are happy with 512MB of space, then the DS-Xtreme is definetely for you if you can fork out the somewhat hefty price tag. The DS-Xtreme has raised the bar for all flash kits to follow and it will be interesting to see if others can match the quality set by the guys at DS-X."


Images taken from the DS-Xtreme GBAtemp Review:

Dsx-box.jpg Dsx-leds.jpg Dsx-open.jpg Dsx-dslite.jpg

Dsx-inside.jpg Dsx-oldos.jpg Dsx-dark.jpg


ROM Compatibility

NDS Compatibility List

Homebrew Compatibility

NDS Compatibility List

Savegames Compatibility

DS-Xtreme save filecompatibility

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