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The GBAtemp Network is a group of sites that are related to one way or another. As of yet, all sites in the network, other than the main site have been closed down.

Main Sites

  • The first site to join the Network was of course itself, in the year 2002.
  • On October 20th 2009, became the new hosting site of the Network. Until then, an IPB "download systems" plugin was used to host the files. Site was closed in early 2018 and files were migrated back to the main site, now powered by XenForo, with the Resource Manager addon.
  • On April 6th 2010, a third site was added to the Network: The shop was created as an extra income for the site. It had to close later on due to problems with PayPal. It was replaced by on February 10th 2011, which was closed a few years later with no official announcement.

Other Sites

There are a few other sites in the GBAtemp Network, which also have been closed: