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Gamerman1723's entry for the How much do you love GBAtemp? competition.


Another day goes by,
To surf the net
To check out GBAtemp,
Who I'm glad I met

It happened 9 months ago,
That glorious day
When I met GBAtemp,
which is why I say:

"GBAtemp, how art thou so fine?
Your amazing web page is oh so divine.
I love to see what you can bring,
My love for you always makes me sing."

That day was wonderful,
It was oh so great.
When I met GBAtemp
It had to be fate.

I was all alone
Sitting in my chair
When the hotty came in
With long silky blonde hair
I asked for her name
Then she beautifully replied:
"My name is GBAtemp,
where video game info is supplied."
I inquired the great one,
"How could this be?
You are way to beautiful
To be a little bit nerdy."

But I was wrong,
For she did not lie.
As I searched through her pages
Of joy did I cry.
I saw the amazing,
A wonderful web page.
The greatness was immeasurable,
Not possible to gauge.
It was purely amazing,
That beautiful site.
I have never forgotten
That wonderful night.

Nine Months later,
It's a normal affair.
Every day now,
when I sit in my chair,
I think of GBAtemp,
And that wonderful night
For it was GBAtemp,
Who showed me the light.


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