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JayceMJ's entry for the How much do you love GBAtemp? competition.


I was debating on whether I should use this or not. I didn't quite come out how I expected.

When I first saw the contest I thought,"How could I honestly tell a site I love it?" The first step to love is of course honesty -- well, at least a healthy type of love. And as new you are to me (I've hardly gotten to know you!) I can't honestly say I love you. You're great, you're awesome, and you're all kinds of leetness. But I don't want to end up making things weird between us.

So I decided how can I turn this around to fit my twisted humor in a way I can satirically show tons of love. Idea! A Demotivator poster! Starring someone that might not like GBAtemp! After I made it it didn't quite click right with me, didn't come out quite as I had imagined. The irony from "I beat you because I love you" didn't seem to translate too well, especially with the personification of the website through a mascot. It came out a little too twisted, even for my taste. Maybe I've read too much

My photoshopping skills aren't too great either and that shines through. You can hardly tell that's a belt in Reggie's hand! Took a while to find a picture with Reggie looking so angry though.

I spent quite some time on this which is why I've decided to use it anyways. I hope you at least get some giggles out of it and understand the humor from it or at least get it with some previous knowledge of demotivation posters.