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| CTPK Tool
| Convert CTPK to PNG and back to CTPK format. [ Discussion]
| Nagato
| CustomThemeTools
| CustomThemeTools

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3DS Emulators

Title Description Author

Emulator related tools:

Files operation

Title Description Author
3DS Banner Maker Ernilos
3DS Icon Decrypter
3DS XFSA see Level5 Tools
Bannertool Converts png and wav files to bnr for 3ds and cia Link Steveice10
cgfx2obj smealum
cfgxViewer planetarian
CTPK Tool Convert CTPK to PNG and back to CTPK format. Discussion Nagato
Debanner Separates the CBMD and BCWAV files from a banner file. git YourNerdyJoe
Every File Explorer Forum Gericom
fmt_cgfx (Noesis plugin) forum chrrox
GARC Unpacker
image2bin Xem
Level5 3DS Archive tool A set of tools to edit common file format used by Level5 developers. Level5
lsdt ls/dt unpacker for Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS
N3DS Cmb Viewer
OhanaXY 3DS Pokemon Model viewer gdkchan
SmashPACK PACK file unpacker for Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS
SMDH File creator Ernilos
TextureRipper Normmatt
xfsa Level-5 3DS Archive Tool Nagato
Yet Another Theme Application 3DS Theme creator Temp link Reisyukaku


Title Description Author
3DS tmd reader
CTRRPC RPC server/client for poking the 3DS usermode Plutooo
CTRSDK A set of legal open sources SDK replacement Tools,
EditTMD cearp
p3DS 3DS Python Tool
NTR Debugger 3DS cFW with wifi debugging tools Cell9

ROM and Homebrew tools

Title Description Author
3DS cia Manager List all cia files from a folder and display its ID. Link leerz
3DS CTR Decryptor CTR Keygen+Padgen (move to multi decryptor after page creation) => see: 3DS Multi Decryptor Team VOiD
3DS Explorer Elisherer
3DS Lazy A ROM editor/rebuilder GUI for different tools Link
3DS Mset Sign Convert launcher dat to GW or HB Roxas75
3DS Multi Decryptor
3DS ROM Converter
3DS ROM Creator ernilos
3DS Key Generator Link Team Fail
3DS ROM Editor Link Reisyukaku
3DS ROM Header Editor
3DS to CIA converter
3DS Tool suspiciousware? Ground
3DS Windows Explorer extension Link
CCI/CIA Command Builder (aka ROMTool GUI) Link git TiniVi
CIA Auto-Generator Script to speed up cia generation Link mmm
Cia to TitleID List all cia files from a folder and display its ID. Link cearp
CTR (Crappy Tiny Reader) Displays basic ROM info link PsyKo
Ctr tool git Neimod
Ctr tool GUI
CTR Toolkit
CTR Keygen see: 3DS Multi Decryptor
EvoCRC Rom Manager and renamer.
exheader injector Link piratesephiroth
FileXORer Xerpi
FunkyCIA Link cearp
Gateway 3DS Fragmentation error fixer Gateway 3DS microSD Tool Link _Tim_
Gateway 3DS Loader Android app to setup webserver and provide webkit exploit for Gateway 3.0+ Link Shadowtrance and Ivan Garcia
Gateway 3DS Rom Sorter
Gateway ROM Patcher Edit/import/export ROM header used by Gateway-3DS for online access link PsyKo
Gateway Sorter Edit ROMs showing list for Gateway/MTCard multirom menu link Rinnegatamante
GatewayFlash (for android)
Go! Gateway Android app to setup webserver and provide webkit exploit for Gateway 3.0+ Link natinusala
GW Decrypt
Homebrew Converter Snailface
No Ban No Sky Edit Sky3DS template file to use your own UniqueID in ROM headers. Discussion Hackotedelaplaque
Padgen see: 3DS Multi Decryptor
padxorer xerpi
PatchROM git
RomFS Builder The program will then generate a RomFS binary from a folder. Link SciresM
ROM Tool Manage rename ROMs. Canceled. git bkifft
ROM Tool GUI A GUI for ROM Tool on Mac. Link
RSF Builder git TiniVi
Sky3DScTool Edit ROM to CARD2 type and replace ROM header with one from a game in your already filled 10 game list. Forum
Sky3DS Diskwriter python A python version of Sky3ds diskwriter which works on Linux and OSX. Discussion lukas_2511, NoSmokingBandit

NAND - EmuNAND - CFW tools

Title Description Author
3NDAN NAND Analyze
EmuNAND Tool
CTRcFW st4rk
NAND to redNAND Converter
ctr-nandmount FUSE tool to mount and browse NAND. (FUSE = Filesystem in Userspace?)


Title Description Author
3DSNUS ground
3DS Update Checker
ctr-wlanbeacontool Tool for parsing and generating 3DS local-WLAN beacons. yellows8
UpdateCDN Download system update files from Nintendo update server, can be packed in cia for installation on NAND/EmuNAND. Link cearp
Ninupdates Scripts to detects Nintendo system updates and generate reports of the updated titles example. yellows8
MAC Cycle
RelayMyHome Mac script to cycle MAC for Homepass.

Saves and games managers

Title Description Author
3DS Fuse
3DS Game Library Spayrosam
3DS Save DeEncrypter
3DS Save Renamer
3DSaveTool Crediar
CardTwo Save Tool
CTR Savedata 3DSGuy
DSaveManager Crediar
PKHex Pokémon (3DS) SAV/PKX Editor
Save Manager 3DS

Game and savegame editors

Title Description Author
Bravely Default Village Editor Edit village status and population. Discussion Oswarlan
Fantasy Life Save Viewer/Editor Discussion
Intelligent Level Editor Elisherer
Mario Maker 3DS A Mario Maker 3DS Level editor. Git
Pyramids Level Editor see: Intelligent Level Editor Elisherer
Reggie! Next Reggie! Level Editor Next: The New Super Mario Bros. Wii / New Super Mario Bros. 2 Editor. Advanced level editor for New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. 2, created by Treeki, Tempus and RoadrunnerWMC using Python, PyQt and .

"Next" version created by RoadrunnerWMC, based on official release 3.

Smash Stuff Comex


Title Description Author
3DS Capture Card
3DS CWAV ripper Team Fail
3DSEncodeGUI Spidey_BR
3DS Movie and Spinal_cord
3DS VConv lmjfemc
3DS Video SifJar
3DS Video Converter NekuSoul
3DS Video Downloader [unknown username..., no name in "About" program's menu] didn't find the thread.
3DS Explorer Elisherer
MPO Toolbox
3DS online video converter


Title Description Author
3DS Controller Use your 3DS console as Windows controller (sends data to keyboard, joypad and mouse). Temp. link YoshiInAVoid
3DS Key Bruteforcer
QR BinExtractor Convert a QR code picture to bin
RPU : Raspberry Pi Unbricker Unlock Gateway3DS bricked consoles bkifft

Pokémon Trainers

Title Description Author
KeySAV Pokémon X/Y Box/Battle Video Data Viewer
RSTE pokemon omega ruby alpha saphir trainer editor
RSWE Wild Encounter editor for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.