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This is a general list of all homebrew applications available for the Nintendo 3DS. Note that some of them have been rendered obsolete, with the recent advances. Feel free to edit this list if you notice anything missing. Please add new entries in alphabetical order.

NH2 = Works with Ninjhax 2 / Tubehax / Ironhax / OotHax / SmashbrosHax / Browserhax / Themehax / SoundHax ( = works, = doesn't work, empty = untested)


Homebrew Loaders

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DSX Launcher Loader Creates CIA forwarders to 3DSX homebrew apps Rinnegatamante Thread Git
BootAnim9 ARM9 payload that loads a random animation from your SD card, plays it back and then loads ('chainloads') another payload. Wolfvak Thread Git
BootCtr Boot manager, assign buttons to choose between homebrew to launch, delayed autoboot. For use with menuhax. m45t3r Thread Git
BootCtr9 ARM9 version of BootCtr. For use with arm9loaderhax. hartmannaf Thread Git
CtrBootManager Boot manager, GUI to choose between homebrew, delay autoboot. For use with menuhax. cpasjuste Thread Git
CtrBootManager9 ARM9 version of CtrBootManager. For use with arm9loaderhax. cpasjuste Thread Git
Homebrew Emergency Launcher Emergency launcher to be used if no other launchers work mashers Thread
Homebrew Launcher Loader (CIA) CIA that launches boot.3dsx from the SD card yellows8 Thread Git
Spider3DSTools A collection of tools that exploited the o3ds's browser on <9.3 firmware. Used for RAM dumping, game cheats, etc. Yifan Lu Thread Git
The Homebrew Launcher Official Ninjhax Homebrew Launcher. Smealum, GEMISIS Git

Title Launchers

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
TWiLight Menu++ Runs nds roms natively using nds-bootstrap. Successor to TWLoader and DSiMenu++ Launcher. Robz8 Thread Git
HANS Loads games with patches to allow for region free, ROM hacks and screenshots. Smealum Git
regionFOUR Region free cartridge loader for 3DS/3DSXL/2DS/new3DS on firmware versions 9.0-11.3. Smealum Thread Git
regionthree Region free cartridge loader for 3DS/3DSXL/2DS on firmware versions 4.0-9.5. Smealum Thread Git
Y.A.R.U. (Yet Another Regionfree Utility) Region free cartridge loader for Palantine CFW/Emunand Rinnegatamante Thread

File Browsers

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DS File Explorer Mount SD card and list files Ernilos Post Mega
CTRXplorer An open source SD file manager. d0k3 Thread Git
Godmode9 An open source SD/NAND file manager for arm9. d0k3 Thread Git
ORGANIZ3D A simple file browser written in LUA. Rinnegatamante Thread


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DS Binary --> Decimal Converter Converts an entered binary number to its decimal equivalent AlbertoSONIC et al. Thread Git
3DSInteger to Hex and Binary Converter 3DSConvert Integer to Hex and Binary darkxex Thread Git
GraphCalc 3DS Graphical calculator. flarn2006 Thread Git
Super Simple Calculator Calculator for simple math operations CKlidify Thread
Simple Calc Another calculator for simple math operations. GalladeGuy Thread

Media players

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DAmnesic Video player (POC) Lectem Thread Git
3DSurfer Wav player, written with LPP. Rinnegatamante Thread
3ds-vgmstream A port of vgmstream for the 3ds with a simple text based player TricksterGuy Thread Git
CTR Streaming Server A 3DS homebrew audio/video playback server. yellows8 Git
ctrmus A music player supporting wav, aiff, flac, opus and mp3. MaK11-12 Thread Git
RipEX 3DS Anime viewer darkxex Git

Save Managers and Editors

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
Agbsave9 Dump GBA VC savefiles to SD card alex34567 Thread Git
PKSM Pokémon NDS/3DS save editor/injector EventAssistant Thread Git
JK's SaveManager (JKSM) User friendly save manger for quick and easy save swaping. JK_ Thread Git
JKSMK Modified version of JKSM to be more "Noob-friendly" ShinyMK Thread Git
PCHex PKHex (Pokémon save editor) in homebrew form Stracker Thread Git
PCHex++ PCHex rewritten in C++ and with a GUI Slashcash Thread Git
save_manager Manage save files. profi200 Thread Git
Savvy Manager A save editor for the Girls Mode/Style Savvy/Style Boutique games. RocketRobz Thread Git
svdt Manage save files. meladroit Thread Git
TerraInveditThreedee A save editor for Terraria 3ds MarcusD Thread Git
Mk7se Edit your mk7 savefiles right from your 3ds! Kartik Thread Git
TWLSaveTool Manage saves from NDS cartridges. TuxSH Thread Git


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
Sunshell Multifunction shell written in LUA. Contains a variety of useful tools including an SD file manager, extdata dump/restore tool, and media players. Rinnegatamante Thread Git
Cyanogen3DS An alternative custom GUI for Nintendo 3DS. This project is in no way affiliated, it only replicates the Android GUI and adds its own features. Joel16 Thread Git

System Tools

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DS Hardware Test Test the hardware buttons of your system ifrit05 Thread
3DS Homemenu ExtdataTool Nintendo 3DS homebrew application for accessing SD extdata used by Home Menu. yellows8 Git
3DS Ram Dumper Dump RAM to file Palantine Git
arc13's freeShop Download 3DS software from the eShop, if their title is present on the system User:arc13 Thread Git
AutoLoader Download CIA from URL and install ksanislo Git
Big Red Menu Used to manage installed cia files on NAND. Rinnegatamante Thread Git
braindump Dump decrypted contents (both ExeFS and RomFS) of any 3DS game. neobrain Thread Git
Corbenik/Skeith CFW Updater Update Corbenik CFW or Skeith CFW. gnmmarechal Thread Git
Corbenik CFW Updater: RE Update Corbenik CFW or Skeith CFW. Replacement and rewrite of Corbenik/Skeith CFW Updater. gnmmarechal Thread Git
Cthulhu Manage play time history, step history and cached icon data Ryuzaki_MrL Thread Git
Custom Home Menu Manager 2 (CHMM2) Allows viewing and changing of custom Home menu themes. Rinnegatamante 1.0 2.0 Git
Decrypt9 Decryption and dumping tools (XORpad) 9.2 and below, backup/restore SysNAND/EmuNAND Archshift, d0k3, Shadowtrance Thread Git Git Git
Diagnos3 Check the functionailty of your 3DS. Tcm0 (FUK-Team) Thread Source
EmuNAND9 EmuNAND SD formatter & manager d0k3 Thread Git
eShop Music Changer Change the Nintendo eShop background music Ptrk25 Thread Git
Extdata dump Dump, edit and restore Extra Data stored on SD Card. MrCheeze Thread Git
FBI CIA/NAND manager. Steveice10 Thread Git
FCRamDump Dump RAM to file Kane49
freeShop Downloads games from the eShop, as long as you have their title key on your system. TheCruel Thread Git
Gimme 300 coins The fastest way you will get 300 coins ever Chelsea_Fantasy Thread Source
GYTB Add custom badges to your 3DS MrCheeze Thread Git
GodMode9 SD & NAND file explorer d0k3 Thread Git
HexDump Display RAM dump on screen as hex value Ernilos
Hourglass9 Stripped down/noob friendly version of Decrypt9 that only includes basic sys/emuNAND dumping/restoring and H&S dumping/injection. d0k3 Thread Git
ironhax installer Install the ironhax exploit. No longer works with the latest version of Ironfall. smealum Git
menuhax manager Install or update menuhax. yellows8 Git
NASA Universal Legit CIA manager for firmware 4.1 - 10.7 Rinnegatamante Thread Website
NVRAM Flash Manager Wifi NVRAM/SPI Flash dumper/restorer Rinnegatamante Thread Website
OTPHelper Small tool designed for helping with the downgrade and OTP dumping d0k3 Thread Git
Playcoin Allows modifying the 3DS Play Coin counter. MrCheeze Git
QR Web Installer Scans a QR code and installs the CIA from the URL it represents ksanislo Thread Git
RAM Dumping Dump RAM to file. fierce waffle Thread
SafeA9LHInstaller Install arm9loaderhax. Aurora Wright Thread Git
SafeSysUpdater A fork of sysUpdater that checks all files before updating/downgrading cpasjuste Thread Git
SDMounty (CIA) Unmount the SD card. zoogie Thread
SOON! (Super cOOl iNstaller!) Very good-looking and easy to use CIA installer with cover art Chelsea_Fantasy, Howling Wolf Thread Website
SOON!2 New version of the very good-looking and easy to use CIA installer with cover art Chelsea_Fantasy, Howling Wolf Thread Website
sysUpdater Tool for updating/downgrading system firmware profi200 Git
TIKdevil Batch ticket installer. Fork of CIAngel. Kyraminol Thread Git
tikShop Batch ticket installer. Fork of TIKdevil. DanTheMan827 Thread Git
tikSweep Remove tickets from your system that are not used. DanTheMan827 Thread Git
TinyFormat Quickly formats system memory without wiping out SD card contents. javimadgit Git
UpdateSupresser Removes update nag Giantblargg Thread Git


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DeMore Reset the usage count for demos. Kyraminol Thread Git
3dsfetch Show some information about your system. Similar to Screenfetch on Linux. VideahGams Thread Git
3DS eBook Reader eBook Reader for 3DS __singularity, AlbertoSONIC Thread Git
3DSController Use your 3DS console as Windows controller (sends data to keyboard, joypad and mouse). CTurt Thread Git
3DSident Shows various info about your 3DS system Joel16 Thread Git
3DS Homebrew Browser Browse and install homebrew directly from your 3DS. cromo and Zeta0134 Git
3DS Motion 3DS Paint with added Stop-Motion animation support norips Thread Git
3DS Multi Decryptor Decrypts and creates XORPads for game's ROM files and SD card files. (Previously named 3DS CTR Decryptor) Team VOiD (sbJFn5r, relys, xerpi) Git
3DS Paint Drawing program AlbertoSONIC Thread Git
3DS Remote Desktop Stream Windows computer's screen to 3DS and send 3DS input to Windows. Retrozelda Thread Git
3DS Quick Shutdown Shut down your 3DS daxtsu Thread Git
3DS Wifi Toggle Turn Wifi on or off daxtsu Thread Git
3DText Simple text file viewer. DarkFlare69 Thread Git
Alarm Clock A basic alarm clock 730 Thread Included
BiPoLAR-3ds Enable/Disable the power LED Spaqin Git
BMP Loader Load a specific converted BMP format. Ernilos Post
BrewMan Homebrew repository downloader, supports github and screenshots TheCruel Thread Git
CIAngel Downloads good CIA files right on your 3DS. cearp Thread Git
Checkmii Checks what buttons are pressed Darkrevol Thread
ctroller Use your 3DS as a gamepad for your GNU/Linux PC phijor Git
DownloadMii Dicontinued. Browse and install homebrew directly from your 3DS. filfat Thread Git
edpJoy3DS edpJoy client for 3DS edicpop Thread
fb43ds Facebook's chat Client. Lino Maglione (jocopoco) Thread Git
FileKong FTP client Rinnegatamante Thread
Font Viewer View fonts from your SD card Jwiz33 Thread
For Anyone Who Walks A Lot Awards play coins for steps beyond 1000 iamevn Thread Git
ftbrony FTP Server (My Little Pony themed) mtheall Thread Git
FTP-3DS Fork of ftbrony that is Nintendo themed iamevn Thread Git
FTP-GMX Custom FTP Server for 3DS FloatingStar Thread Git
ftpd FTP server mtheall Git
ftpony FTP server Smealum Git
Gamecard Dumper Dump 3DS and DSi game cartridges TheGreek Boy Thread
HackChat Chat application omikes Thread Git
Homebr3w Browse and downlad Homebrew Wolvan Thread Git
Imgurup-3ds Basic Imgur Upload Client for 3ds Kartik Thread Git
InstallMii Graphical homebrew repository downloader simonepsp Thread
MapleIRC IRC Client titegtnodI Thread
Multidownload Downloads files straight to your 3ds! Kartik Thread Git
NinjaCam Camera without shutter sound Rinnegatamante Thread Website
NotifyMii Homebrew notification manager Ryuzaki_MrL Thread Git
PHBank Pokémon Homebrew Bank Gocario Thread Git
PHBankGB Pokémon Homebrew Bank for the Pokémon RBY VC release Gocario Thread
Purgification Purging tool for notifications Rinnegatamante Thread Git
Quick Payload Switcher Switches two A9LH payloads (by renaming them) gnmmarechal Thread Git
QuickPowerOff (A9LH payload) Shuts down the 3DS. Useful to shut the system down when a reboot is forced (eg. after leaving system settings) Asia81 Thread
Quick Reboot Reboots the Nintendo 3DS console. AlbertoSONIC Thread Git
REDThreeUp Apply IPS patches to ROM files MarcusD Thread Git
screenshot-merge Merges screenshots taken with ninjhax 2.5 or NTR CFW ihaveamac Thread Git
scrup Upload screenshots to imgur JerwuQu Thread
SmashBrosDummy A dummy application that simply exits as soon as it can. Used to exit increased memory mode from games like Super Smash Bros. and Monster Hunter. daxtsu Thread Git
StarUpdater Updater for AuReiNAND/Luma3DS. astronautlevel Thread Git
StarUpdater-UN Updater for AuReiNAND/Luma3DS. Usually more updated than the original StarUpdater, though the fork does send pull requests to the original StarUpdater when a feature is added. gnmmarechal/astronautlevel Git
Themely Theme manager for 3DS erman1337 Thread Git
uncart Dump decrypted 3DS games cartridges neobrain Git

Other applications

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DS Linux loader Boots Linux xerpi Thread Git
3DS Nyan Cat 3DS Nyan Cat using LIBSF2D. markwinap Thread Git
A9NC Receives ARM9 payloads over network and runs them d0k3 Thread Git
Bird Whisperer Notification center, built with Lua ElyosOfTheAbyss Thread
BLEND3R 3D Model Viewer Rinnegatamante Thread
Crimson Scripter Sound novel interpreter, made using lpp3ds. phalk Thread Git
ctrµLua Lua interpreter for 3DS, part of µLua Firew0lf, Reuh, Negi Git
Cubes Shows a simple cube pattern on the screen MagicInventor Thread
ctrrpc RPC client and server plutoo Git
DDexter Pokedex application for 3DS ddraco Thread Git
Dice 3DS Roll some dice keanutah Thread
Drider ePub reader ingolemo Git
DSi Homebrew Menu (CIA) CIA that launches boot.nds DSi homebrew from the SD card ahezard Thread Git
Fake Brick Shows a fake brick screen flarn2006 Thread
FakeBrick9 Shows a fake brick screen A_Random_Guy Thread
forecast3ds A simple weather homebrew app built with lpp-3ds. sereneblue Git
imgr3ds A basic Imgur client for the 3DS sereneblue Git
Koopa Cruiser (WIP) Web Browser jsa Thread Git
krypto A cryptocurrency ticker homebrew app for the 3DS sereneblue Git
LiveScore 3DS Realtime football score board NichyXD Thread
Lua Player Plus Lua interpreter for 3DS, port from PSP Lua Player Plus. Rinnegatamante & _Nanni Thread Git
Manga Reader Manga/Comics Reader for 3DS MyLegGuy Thread Git
Matrix Shows a Matrix effect from the movie The Matrix on the top screen. MagicInventor Thread
Orchestrina Play the ocarina from Ocarina of Time LeifEricson Thread Git
Pictochat3D Pictochat clone for 3DS Tjessx Thread
TinyTot 2 Factor Authentication token one-time password generator jsa Thread Git
TWL Slot-1 Launcher (Custom DSiWare CIA) Boots blocked DS flashcards on any 3DS model Apache Thunder Thread
VN3DS Visual Novel Interpreter dfsa3fdvc1 Thread



Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
Hydra Castle Labyrinth Port of the PC indie game of the same name. Ported by an anonymous 4chan user (original PC game by E. Hashimoto) Thread Git
KillerMan: Ghost Buster Clone of the battles in the MegaMan Battle Network series. Greiga Master Thread
Minicraft: 3DS Homebrew Edition 3DS port of the game Minicraft Davideesk Thread Source


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3Dfrogr Frogger clone Tybus Git
3DSCraft MineCraft clone Smealum Git
3DS Breaköut Breakout/Brick Breaker sloppy clone for 3DS using LövePotion Jwiz33 Thread
3DS-Pong A Two player Pong game. shinyquagsire23 Thread Git
3DSnake by Joshtech Snake game Joshtech Thread
3DSnake by CKlidify Snake game, built with LövePotion CKlidify Thread
Antibounce Bounce a ball around and collect coins. TurtleP Thread
Asteroids-3D Asteroids clone Rinnegatamante Git
BallEsca Avoid the red dots which spawn randomly on the screen cynosura Thread Git
Breakout A 3ds Breakout Clone. Magicrafter13 Git
Breakout3DS Arkanoid clone CalebW Git
Brick Breaker 3D Breakout clone FUK-Team Thread
BubblePop Pop all the bubbles that appear on the screen cynosura Thread Git
EUCLIOD Bullet hell shooting game HexZyle Thread
Evolution_Sav3D_Me Play as a monkey who needs to dodge lasers and eat bananas Manurocker95 Git
FlabbyBird3DS Flappy Bird clone __singularity Thread Git
Flappy Pixel Flappy Bird clone where you control a pixel ll0rT Thread
Gnop Pong clone Jwiz33 Thread
Helii3DS Guide the helicopter through a tunnel. Port of Helii homebrew for Wii. BHSPitMonkey Git
Jezzball3DS JezzBall/Qix clone. Akdul Thread
LovePong3DS Pong clone, built with LövePotion Framework iKlikla Thread
Njam3ds A pacman-like game nop90 Thread Git
One Whale Trip Whale swimming game thp Git
Pong3D A two player pong clone Snailface Included
Pong 3DS A pong with stereoscopic 3D. AntonioND Thread Git
QuickiePong A Pong clone (single player?) Lectem Git
Snake 3DS Snake game Ernilos
Space Fruit Asteroids clone with fruit TurtleP Thread Git
spaceinvaders A Space invaders game. jasonmbrown Post
Tappy Plane Flappy bird clone where you control a plane sgowen Git
That Rabbit Game 3DS Inverse duck hunt (crosshair is fixed and you align the rabbits to it). Site thp
The Real Snake Snake game MichiS97 Git
Turtle: Invaders Space invaders clone TurtleP Thread Git
wave Leads a sinusoidal wave along a scrolling screen and avoid obstacles. yodamerlin Git
Whack Mania 3D Whack-A-Mole cebolleto Thread
Dzzee Well-rounded game that makes you dizzy. thp Thread


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DS Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe game for 3DS. AlbertoSONIC Thread
4Rows Four in a row/Connect4 game for 3DS. Rinnegatamante Thread
ASCII Checkers A crappy ASCII game of checkers (no AI) UnsureSherlock Thread Git
Mastermind 3DS Mastermind board game implementation MrJPGames Thread Git
Othello-3DS Othello (Reversi) implementation MrJPGames Thread Git


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DS Briscola Briscola card game. Port of PSPBriscola in Lua. Rinnegatamante Thread
Blackjack 3DS Blackjack/Twenty-one game keanutah Thread Git

Game engine

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
HCGE - Headcannon Game Engine Multi plateforms 2D Game engine creator and player ported to 3DS. HCStealth Thread
LövePotion Implementation of the Löve game API for Lua VideahGams Thread Git
Lua-RayCast3D Game engine for Lua, based on the Ray casting technique. Rinnegatamante Thread Git


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DSHangman 3DSHangman is a port of a Lua Hanging homebrew for PSP. Rinnegatamante Thread
DrawAttack Multiplayer "guess the word from the drawing" game. TheCruel Thread Git
Guess the Number 3DS More-or-less guessing game. Tcm0 (FUK-Team) Thread FileTrip


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
Simon Simon musical game mastermodr94 Thread Git
TriaAl Clone of Deemo Rinnegatamante Thread Git


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
ASCIIJump ASCII Geometry Dash clone for 3DS JackMacWindows Thread Git
Geomitty Dash Geometry Dash clone for 3DS norips Thread Git
Jumping Jack Port of the ZX Spectrum game of the same name cebolleto Thread
OpenSyobon3DS Port of Open Syobon Action (Cat Mario). nop90 Thread Git
Robin Hood's Platform Game Simple platform game where you play as Robin Hood bayleef Thread Git
Sqrxz4 Sqrxz4 - The fourth part of the (now) quadrology Jump'n Think series Sqrxz brings you onto an cold icy island. Shiny marbles, evil penguins and ghosts, underwater creatures and many more to expect. nop90 Thread
Sqrxz2 Sqrxz2 - Another day another journey… As living on planet earth and its surrounding solar system seemed boring Sqrxz decided to check out another location in the universe. nop90 Thread


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
100 Boxes 2DS 100 Boxes Puzzle clone for 3DS Cid2Mizard Thread [1]
3-Aldchemys little alchemy clone for 3DS([2]) Gocario Thread Git
2048-3D 2048 Puzzle game clone MrJPGames (Jasper Peters) Thread Git
3048 2048 Puzzle game clone Mocalacace Post Git
Aperture Science 3D (portal3DS) Port of the game Portal Smealum Thread Mediafire
Biniax2 Port to 3DS of the open source game Biniax2 nop90 Thread Git
Bottomless Block Barrage Clone of Panel de Pon / Tetris Attack / Pokemon Puzzle League TricksterGuy Thread Git
EntroPipes Turn all the pipes to form a single long pipe son_link Thread Git
Falling Blocks Watch Out Full-featured tetris clone Spaqin Thread Git
Fill_DS Flood It game clone Helreizer543 Git
Fruit'Y Fruit'Y - Playing with edibles is heavily inspired by the Kaiko classic Gem'X nop90 Thread
Labyrinth 3D Find the exit out of the randomly generated maze. Rinnegatamante Thread
Lemmings for 3DS Clone of the classic DOS game. bayleef Thread Git
Loophole Puzzle platformer where you control multiple "players" that can also be used as platforms CKlidify Thread
Mazed Memory game: escape a maze one room at a time Machina Thread
Minesweeper 2DS Windows Minesweeper clone Cid2Mizard Thread
NumberFucker3DS (NumberF/cker3DS) Math game. Place numbers on a board to make other numbers disappear. VideahGams Thread Git
Paddle Puffle 3DS Port of Paddle Puffle. Hit puffles with your paddle. Peanut42 Thread Git
Picroxx! Picross homebrew clone Substance12 Thread Git
Pixel Shuffle 2DS Rearrange the image on the bottom to form the pixelated image on top Cid2Mizard Thread
Pixel Swap 2DS Replicate the pixel image on the top screen on the bottom screen Cid2Mizard Thread
Rokoban 3-D Sokoban game cebolleto Thread
Sokoban Port of Sokoban puzzle game Landm Git
Super Block Attack Tetris clone (pmedia / XiIntersection) Git
TE3DS Tetris clone nop90 / Snailface Post Git
Tetrepetete 3DS A game with blocks. Site thp
Tetris 3DS Port of an SDL game called Falling Blocks aka Tetris UltiNaruto Thread Git
Tetronomino 3DS Tetris clone, built with LövePotion CKlidify Thread
ThinIce 3DS Melt all of the ice in a maze Peanut42 Thread Git
TileMap 2DS Port of TileMap for 3DS Cid2Mizard Thread
Tiles 2DS Port of "Lights Out" (Android game) for 3DS Cid2Mizard Thread
Trucmuche 2DS 09 Find the hidden objects in every image. Cid2Mizard Thread
Xump Xump - The Final Run is a simple multi-platform puzzler by Retroguru. nop90 Thread
Zelda Picross Port of a Zelda theme picross game made by Vincent Jouillat nop90 Thread Git
Loonies 8192 Mini Retro Puzzle, like Lumines thp


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source

Real-time strategy

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
Insectoid Defense Futuristic tower defense game. sgowen Git


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
POWDER POWDER is a roguelike originaly developed specifically for the Gameboy Advance (GBA). nop90 Thread Git

Role playing

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
Undertale (tech demo) Undertale port lolzvid Thread Git
Zelda OLB 3DS Zelda Oni Link Begins nop90 Thread Git
Zelda ROTH 3DS Zelda Return of the Hylian nop90 Thread Git
Griffon Legend An action RPG nop90 Thread Git
Dungeons of Daggorath 3DS Dungeons of Daggorath for the 3DS Ported by darkweb Thread Git


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
CS3DS Port of CSPSP machinamentum Thread Git
ctrHexenII Port of Hexen II Rinnegatamante Thread Git
ctrQuake Port of Quake MasterFeizz Thread Git
ctrWolfen Port of Wolfenstein 3D Rinnegatamante Thread Git
EDuke3D Port of EDuke32 (Duke Nukem 3D) MasterFeizz Git
EUCLIOD Bullet Hell Game HexZyle Thread
PrBoom3DS A 3ds port of Doom ported by elhobbs Thread Git
Raptor Call of the Shadows RetroGamer02 Thread Git
Spectre3ds A 3ds port of Quake ported by elhobbs Git
Shoot ya Friend Simple 2-player shooter YourNerdyJoe Thread Git
Star Cruiser 7 First-person space combat simulator dotMizi Thread Git
yeti3DS A 3D FPS Ported by Smealum Git


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DS Piano A simple 3DS Piano Homebrew. Agent Moose Thread Included
Hamsters 2DS Hamster breeding game in text mode. Cid2Mizard Thread
World of 3DSand World of Sand clone Steveice10 Thread Git


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
Fact Crow A crow that tells facts for 3DS. titegtnodI Thread Git

Other games

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
2D Side-Scrolling Example Simple example of a side-scroller Voxel Studios Thread
3DS Physics Sandbox Play around with various physics PieFace Thread Git
CookieCollector-3DS- Cookie clicker clone Kaisogen Git
Cookie Clicker 3DS Another cookie clicker clone TheMachinumps Git
Fibbage3DS Party game; create a lie that others believe, while avoiding their own lies LeifEricson Thread
Pituka Classics Port of classic CPC games. Site D_Skywalk
PixelRoad Lead a pixel on a tiny road with your stylus. This game is created using LUA language. Rinnegatamante Thread
Shooting Watch 3D Press buttons as fast as possible. MrJPGames Git
Useless Homebrew 3DS This is a port of "Useless homebrew DS", a port of the machine that turns itself off. Tcm0 (FUK-Team) Thread FileTrip



Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DNES Nintendo Entertainment System st4rk Thread Git
blargSnes Super Nintendo StapleButter Thread Git Website
CTRX PlayStation 1. machinamentum Thread Git
cuzebox3DS Uzebox; port of cuzebox by Jubatian ry755 Thread Git
DaedalusX64 3DS Nintendo 64 emulator for 3DS, Linux, PSP, and PS Vita. MasterFeizz Thread Git
FCEUMM3DS Nintendo Entertainment System; port of FCEUMM Steveice10 Thread
Nestopia3DS Nintendo Entertainment System; port of Nestopia Steveice10 Thread
PicoDrive for 3DS Sega Master System / MegaDrive / Sega CD emulator; port of PicoDrive by notaz bubble2k16 Thread Git Website
Snes9x for 3DS Super Nintendo; port of SNES9x bubble2k16 Thread Git Website
TemperPCE for 3DS TurboGrafx-16/PC-Engine; port of Temper by Exophase bubble2k16 Thread Git Website
Vex3DS Vectrex emulator nop90 Thread Git
VirtuaNES for 3DS Nintendo Entertainment System; port of VirtuaNES bubble2k16 Thread Git Website
Z26 3DS Atari 2600 nop90 Thread Git


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DeSmume DS. Port of Desmume. shutterbug2000 Thread Git
3DGB Gameboy / Gameboy Color st4rk Thread
3DSGBemu Gameboy / Gameboy Color seagal112
Cinoop Gameboy. CTurt Git
CitrAGB Gameboy Advance. Port of GPSP by Exophase for the PSP. shinyquagsire23 Thread Git
GameYob 3DS Gameboy / Gameboy Color Drenn, Steveice10 Thread Git
Handy 3DS Atari Lynx nop90 Thread Git
mGBA GameBoy Advance endrift (Jeffrey Pfau) Thread Git
Neopop Neogeo pocket. Port of Neopop Emulator seagal112 Thread
PokeMini 3DS Pokémon Mini nop90 Thread Git
r3Ddragon Virtual Boy. mrdanielps Thread Git
Sim800 CC800 pocket dictionary banxian Thread


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
Phoenix Arcade Emulator Phoenix Arcade Emulator seagal112 Thread
Space Invaders Emulator Space invaders seagal112 Thread


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DOS 8086(DOS) shutterbug2000 Thread Git
3DS-Chip8 Chip-8 (in ARM9) st4rk
atari800-3DS Atari 8-bit home computer emulator asie Website
Bread Box Commodore 64 spinal_cord Thread
CHIP-3DS Chip-8 xerpi Git
CHIP8-2DS (CHIP8-3DS) Chip-8 nopy4869 Thread Git
Chip8-ARM11 Chip-8 st4rk Git
Chip8-CTRU Yeah, another Chip8 emulator! YourNerdyJoe Git
CHIP8 3DS Chip-8 snailface
Mini vMac Macintosh TarableCode Thread Git
uae3DS Commodore Amiga 500 badda Thread Git
Vice3DS Commodore 64 badda Thread Git
ZX Spectrum EMU ZX Spectrum seagal112 Thread


Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
EasyRPG Player RPG Maker 2000/2003. Site Rinnegatamante, EasyRPG team
RetroArch Emulation of various gaming systems by using libretro cores libRetro team Thread Git
ScummVM 3DS SCUMM game engine virtual machine TheCruel Thread Git

Custom Firmwares

See also: 3DS CFWs
  • A9LH = Bootable via arm9loaderhax
  • SigHax = Bootable via SigHax
  • O3DS = Works on the old 3DS
  • N3DS = Works on the new 3DS
  • Emu = Supports EmuNAND (boots/installs to EmuNAND)
Title NH2 A9LH SigHax O3DS N3DS Emu Description Author Thread Source
CakesFW Patches can be individually enabled mid-kid, b1l1s Thread Git
Corbenik Advanced CFW inspired from CakesFW. Mainly intended for developers. chaoskagami Thread Git
Cosmo3DS Stripped-down version of AuReiNAND that only loads FIRM and emuNAND. yifanlu Thread Git
Luma3DS Fork of ReiNand with updated sysNAND and dual emuNAND support Aurora Wright Thread Git
NTR CFW Installed as CIA, launched from home menu in SysNAND and/or CFW. Extendable via plugins. Does not support CIA installation. Has support for streaming the 3DS's screen to PC over wireless on New 3DS. 44670 2.2 3.0 Git
Palantine CFW palantine Thread
Pasta CFW Temporarily patches signature checks on sysNAND. Primarily used to dual install AGB and TWL CIAs for users with an EmuNand. capito27 et al. Thread Git
Perfect Bricking Tool CFW Mod of Palantine CFW nop90 Thread
ReiNand Popular CFW originally for New 3DS, now supports Old 3DS aswell. Reisyukaku Thread Git
rxTools (rxMode) EmuNAND and SysNAND support. Features a built-in tool menu Roxas75 Thread Git
SaltFW Slim Alternate FW. Fork of Luma3DS with reduced features to make it more lightweight. Shadowhand Thread Git

NTR CFW Plugins

Title Description Author Thread Source
3ds_backlight Control Backlight 44670 Git
layeredFS Language emulation plugin that loads romfs files from SD card (game-specific). Also allows to run ROMhacks with retail games 44670 Git
ntr_helloworld Hello world example. 44670 Git
OnionFS Fork of LayeredFS plugin that works with any game PabloMK7 Thread Git


Title Description Author Thread Source
HorizonModule (HorizonM / Hz) Background process that allows game streaming (New and Old 3DS) MarcusD Thread Git
Wumiibo NFC module rewrite with the aim of amiibo emulation. Kartik Thread Git
Rehid HID module rewrite allowing button remapping. Kartik Thread Git
3ds_gpio GPIO module open-source rewrite. luigoalma NA Git
3ds_ps PS module open-source rewrite. luigoalma NA Git
3ds_spi SPI module open-source rewrite. luigoalma NA Git
3ds_pdn PDN module open-source rewrite. Kartik NA Git


Maybe we could separate Demoscene (visually interesting like mandelbrot or Munching Squares) from plain Homebrew tests (like hello world and input tests)

Title NH2 Description Author Thread Source
3DS Homebrew Demo Make a black screen by filling each pixel with black. Write text on screen. - ARM9 homebrew Snailface
3DS Homebrew Touch - ARM9 homebrew Snailface
3DS Life Increase/decrease random cells spawn speed Helreizer543 Git
3dsmandelbrot Arm11 homebrew. Mandelbrot, with zoom function xantoz
3DS-PAD Test the buttons and touch screen - ARM9 homebrew Nop90
8bitPlasma a Color palette shifting demo. Spinal_cord Thread
Citra-hwtests homebrew test suite for Citra 3DS emulator. archshift, Citra-emu team Git
Console demo Create multiple consoles and print to them with a minimal version of printf/sprintf. - ARM9 homebrew Kalimero
Game of Life basic implementation of Conway's Game of Life JensRenders Thread
Input test Tests buttons - ARM9 homebrew Nop90
KSketch Etch a sketch - Move letter 0 (zero) on screen using D-pad, set color with L/R. thekman
Mandelbrot ARM9 (launcher.dat) Mandelbrot homebrew. Aliakr18 and Snailface
Munching Squares A Munching Squares demo. A mod (or v2?) has been done named XOR Fractal. cedeckovec
Particule Demo - ARM11 homebrew YourNerdyJoe
Reggie-Demo Print a bmp picture converted to .h TricksterGuy Git
Screen Colour and Font Test Displays a fake Gateway 3DS brick screen - ARM9 homebrew Pong20302000


If you find an exploit not listed please feel free to PM me @HolyHobo, I'll try to keep this page up to date.

Title Compatibility Type Description Author Source
arm9loaderhax Installer: O3DS: 2.1 N3DS: 9.0-9.2
If installed: Any (Version supported depends on CFW used)
ARM9 Kernel Exploit for the arm9loader to enable the execution of ARM9 code at boot. Requires console-specific OTP hash from 2.1 to build from source, but that's not necessary on N3DS (However, you've to use the N3DS 10.0 NATIVE_FIRM as firm0_100.bin in A9LH folder delebile, plutoo, yellows8 Git
basehaxx 9.0 to 11.2 ARM11 Userland Exploit of secret bases in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire MrNbaYoh Website
BASICsploit 9.0 to 11.0 (Only USA) ARM11 Userland Exploits how the game works to download and run the *hax code Nba_Yoh Website
browserhax 2.1 to 11.0 ARM11 Userland Exploit for the 3DS web browser. yellows8 Git
dsiwarehax 9.0 to 11.2 ARM9 Kernel An exploit for specifically 4 dsiware games that takes advantage of an oversight which allows writing to the NAND in DSi mode. Mainly used to downgrade the NATIVE_FIRM. Needs ARM11 Kernel access to install it. Actually this is obsolete but probably in the future we'll need it again... Yellows8 Git
ctpkpwn_tfh 9.9 to 11.3 ARM11 Userland A exploit for the game Triforce Heros, it requires an internet connection during install due to the fact that it uses SpotPass to install. Yellows8 Git
DoodleBomb 9.0 to 11.4 ARM11 Userland A exploit to access the Homebrew launcher with SwapDoodle, allows you to boot a friend into the Homebrew launcher as well. MrNbaYoh Git
Fasthax 9.0 to 11.2 ARM11 kernel Exploits ARM11 Kernel access on most recent versions nedwill Git
freakyhax 9.0 to 11.7 ARM11 Userland Exploit for the game Freaky Forms Deluxe plutoo Website
Genhax 9.0 to 11.7 ARM11 Userland Exploit for the game Monster Hunter Generations (primary installer only compatible with JPN version of the game) svanheulen Git
heaphax None ARM11 Kernel Another kernel exploit never released. Stated by smealum that it was mostly fixed in 11.0.0 Smealum
humblehax 9.0 to 11.7 ARM11 Userland Exploit for the game Citizens of Earth. shinyquagsire23 Website
ironhax 9.5 to 10.3 ARM11 Userland Exploit for the game IronFall: Invasion. Smealum Git
MemChunkHax Version1: 4.5 to 9.2
Version2: 9.0 to 10.3
Version3: 10.4 to 10.7
ARM11 Kernel Exploits pieces of the 3ds memory to access the ARM11 Kernel. yellows8
menuhax 9.0 to 11.2 ARM11 Userland Exploit for the custom theme feature of the HOME menu. yellows8 Git
MSET exploit 4.1 to 4.5
6.0 to 6.3
N3DS: 9.0 to 9.2
ARM9 Kernel Exploit for the System Settings application (MSET). Used by Gateway-3DS since flashcart firmware v1.x. "NEW" 3DS (N3DS) users can use the MSET Exploit by installing the old System Settings app from 3ds ver 4.5 over the existing one via the .CIA provided in newer GateWay Omega packages. ichfly (Darkfader on NDS)
ninjhax Version1: 4.5 to 9.2
Version2: 9.0 to 11.7
ARM11 Userland Exploit for the game Cubic Ninja. Smealum Version1: Git
Version2: Git
NTRCardHax Supposedly 9.0 to 10.7 ARM9 Kernel Exploits a bug in the DS cartridge loader part of ARM9 to gain access to it. It's supposed to be a new way to make CFW's on new versions, but no one has started working on it. Plutoo
oot3dhax Version1: 2.0 to 9.2
Version2: 9.2 to 11.7 (unstable on higher firmwares)
ARM11 Userland Save game exploit for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Also used by Gateway since flashcart firmware v3.1.0 to add N3DS support. It can be installed trough oot3dhax installer, save dongle, or also a gamecard data backup/restore homebrew. It already works on 11.x, but it seems it's harder to use it on that version since you have to load a save on there with a card cheat dongle. yellows8 Git
painthax 9.0 to 11.7 ARM11 Userland Save game exploit through the game Pixel Paint Nba_Yoh Git
safehax 9.0 to 11.3 ARM9 Kernel Exploit using the homebrew launcher to run files named "ARM9.bin" such as Decrypt9. Needs ARM11 Kernel access in order to run it. 1.1 release has now support of 11.3 TiniVil Git
sighax All current versions ARM9 BootROM Exploit that uses a vulnerability in the RSA signature checking of the ARM9 BootROM. Official Website
Note: Only use the installer if you are an advanced user. Misuse can lead to bricks. Most users will want to use Boot9Strap instead.
smashbroshax (beaconhax) 9.0 to 11.3 (N3DS only) ARM11 Userland Uses a wifi beacon to run a exploit for the game Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. yellows8 Git
spider exploit Gateway: 2.0.0-7 to 9.2.0-20
Homebrew: 2.0.0-7 to 9.5.0-22
ARM11 Userland Exploit for the Nintendo 3DS web browser (spider). Used by Gateway since flashcart firmware v3.0.
Used by homebrew like Regionthree or the Pokémon Injector via QR.
MathewE, Gateway(?)
SNShax 9.0 to 10.1 ARM11 Kernel Expoits the safe version of the Nintendo Shell (The shell that operates the 3ds) to access ARM11 Kernel. Smealum
Soundhax 9.0 to 11.3 ARM11 Userland Exploit for the Nintendo 3DS Sound application to run a specially crafted .m4a file ( ) which runs a *hax payload (for 9.0-11.3 you'll need otherapp payloads from ) nedwill Git
How-to guide
steelhax 9.0 to 11.7 ARM11 Userland Expoits the Steeldiver Subwars savedata for homebrew. vegaroxas Git
stickerhax 9.0 to 11.7 ARM11 Userland Expoits the Paper Mario: Sticker Star savedata for homebrew. yellows8 Git
sudokuhax 4.0 to 9.2 ARM9 Kernel Exploit for the Sudoku DSiWare game used to boot Nintendo DS homebrews. Requires to inject the modified game into the Internet settings for Nintendo DS into the NAND. Team Twiizers Website
supermysterychunkhax USA/JPN: 9.9 to 11.7 (unstable on higher firmware)

EUR: 10.2 to 11.7 (unstable on higher firmware)

ARM11 Userland Save game exploit for Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. shinyquagsire23 Git
SVChax 9.0 to 10.7 ARM11 Kernel Exploits services to access the ARM11 Kernel. yellows8 Git
tubehax None. ARM11 Userland Exploit for the YouTube application for 3DS. No longer works on any firmware. Smealum Git
udsploit 11.3 only ARM11 Userland Exploit that allows ARM11 kernel access on 11.3 firmware smealum Git
v*hax If installed: 2.1 to 11.0

Installer: 9.0 to 11.0

ARM11 Userland Save game exploit for VVVVVV shinyquagsire23 Git
waithax/slowhax 9.0 to 11.1 ARM11 Kernel Exploits services to access the ARM11 kernel. Mrrraou Git

sighaxed firmwares

This is a list of firmwares that utilize the sighax exploit.

Title Description Author Source
Boot9Strap A firmware that loads a payload from the SD card in the form of boot.firm. It is also capable of dumping the BootROMs (Boot9 & Boot11) and OTP of the system. SciresM, Hedgeberg Git

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