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Title Description Author Thread Source
3DS-UI Graphical UI library filfat Git
BlargGL simple GPU API wrapper StapleButter Git
Brewboard a Keyboard demo / Library titegtnodI Thread Git
Caelina OpenGL driver port machinamentum Thread Git
ctrGL OpenGL implementation for the POS PICA. minexew Git
CTRULib 3DS User Library. smealum Git
HBKBLib 3DS Keyboard library jbr373 Thread Included
libmpo mpo (multiple picture object) file encoding/decoding library. lectem Git
libntrplg Library to write plugins for NTR cFW. 44670 Git
SDL for 3DS SDL Library patch for 3DS. Rikku2000 Thread
sf2dlib 2D Graphics library with GPU rendering. xerpi Thread Git
sfillib Fast image loading library to use with sf2dlib xerpi Thread Git
sftdlib Text drawing library to use with sf2dlib xerpi Git
SwKbd Custom software keyboard module. Nop90 Thread Git
TextStuff Library to add text support. titegtnodI Git


Title Description Author Thread Source
3DS tmd reader
CTRRPC RPC server/client for poking the 3DS usermode Plutooo Git
CTRSDK A set of legal open sources SDK replacement Tools Git
EditTMD cearp Thread
p3DS 3DS Python Tool
NTR Debugger 3DS cFW with wifi debugging tools Cell9

Shader assemblers

Title Description Author Thread Source
aemstro Not meant for homebrew, used more for reverse engineering. Smealum Git
nihstro neobrain Thread Git
picasso fincs Git


Title Description Author 3DS homebrew user based wiki forum with info and shared resources (audio/functions/released homebrew/etc.) multiple devs
3DS dev. guide Homepage eBook Git CTRuLib and homebrew Tools guides and documentation. Old Link xem
handy functions useful function for writing homebrew xem
GBATemp main homebrew development thread random information, ask questions here. multiple developers
3ds-cmake Info and examples for using CMake with 3DS homebrew Lectem


Title Description Author Thread Source
3DS Homebrew template Makefile project template for 3DS homebrew that creates elf, 3dsx, smdh, cia, and 3ds files. Steveice10 Git