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===Other games===
===Other games===
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Arcade Board Card Game engine Music Platform Puzzle Racing Role playing Shooter Simulation Trivia Other games


Title Description Author
3DFrogr Frogger clone by Tybus
3DSCraft MineCraft clone Smealum
3DS-Pong A Two player Pong game. Temp. Link shinyquagsire23
3DSnake Snake game Joshtech
Breakout 3DS Arkanoid clone CalebW
Jezzball3DS JezzBall/Qix clone. Akdul
Pong3D A two player pong clone Snailface
QuickiePong A Pong clone (single player?) Lectem
Snake Snake game Ernilos
Space Invaders A Space invaders game. Temp. Link jasonmbrown
Super Block Attack Tetris clone -pm- (pmedia / XiIntersection)
TE3DS Tetris clone Snailface


Title Description Author


Title Description Author
3DS Briscola Briscola card game. Port of PSPBriscola in Lua. Temp Link Rinnegatamante

Game engine

Title Description Author
HCGE - Headcannon Game Engine Multi plateforms 2D Game engine creator and player ported to 3DS. temp Link HCStealth


Title Description Author
Simon Simon musical game Temporary Link mastermodr94


Title Description Author


Title Description Author
2048-3D 2048 Puzzle game clone gitTemporary link MrJPGames (Jasper Peters)
3048 2048 Puzzle game clone Mocalacace
FillDS Flood It game clone Temp link Helreizer543


Title Description Author

Role playing

Title Description Author
DawnLike 3DS A mix between RPG and Rhythm game? Temp Link Cid2Mizard


Title Description Author
Duck Hunt Clone (Temporary title) DuckHunt (NES) game Clone temp link Rinnegatamante
prboom3ds A 3ds port of Doom Git ported by elhobbs
Shoot ya friend Temporary link YourNerdyJoe
Yeti 3DS A 3D FPS Ported by Smealum


Title Description Author
World of 3DSand World of Sand clone Steveice10


Title Description Author

Other games

Title Description Author
Fact Crow A crow that tells facts for 3DS. titegtnodI
Guess the Number 3DS More-or-less guessing game. Tcm0 (FUK-Team)
PixelRoad Lead a pixel on a tiny road with your stylus. This game is created using LUA language. Temp Link Rinnegatamante
Shooting Watch 3D Press buttons as fast as possible. temporary link MrJPGames
wave lead a sinusoidal wave along a scrolling screen and avoid obstacles. Temp. Link yodamerlin