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M3i Zero
Manufacturer M3 Team
OS M3 Sakura

M3 Touchpod

Clone No
DSi Compatible Yes
3DS Compatible ??
SD Slot SD(HC), Side
Spring Loaded Yes
Cheat File(s) cheat.db,


Official Website
GBAtemp Award Silver


The M3i Zero is the M3 Team's latest DSi Compatible slot-1 flashcard. It is one of the few flash carts that can be easily updated using the cable provided to beat Nintendo updates. This card can use multiple firmwares, the most popular being M3 Sakura. It is the last flashcard released from the M3 Team.


  • Compatible with DS, DSl & DSi.
  • 100% game compatibility.
  • Supports Real Time Save function.
  • Supports Multi-Language System.
  • Continue to update & frequency enhance software/firmware.
  • Supports micro SDHC.
  • Extremely simple to use, just plug & play.
  • Super Cheat Function

- Full AR Cheat Code Compatible engine.

  • Supports reading individual cheat code files (xml, cht, dht, dat-R4 format).
  • Supports software reset function.
  • Supports slow motion feature.
  • Automatically detect and generate game save file.
  • Excellent homebrew support, DLDI auto-patcher.
  • Robust & skinnable GUI
  • Built-in PassMe
  • Supports download play.
  • Supports rumble pack, GBA expansion & DS Browser.
  • Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment.

GBAtemp Review



Not available at this moment it time due to technical reasons

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