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GBAtemp Wiki Overview

Welcome to the GBAtemp Wiki - WikiTemp! Here you'll find all the GBA/NDS/Wii information you could possibly want. From flash kit compatibility charts, flash kit information to save game databases.
Please remember that this Wiki is maintained and updated by YOU - the GBAtemp community. Please help out where you can!
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NDS & Flash Carts

NDS wiki articles:

Select your flash cart/adapter from the list below to be taken to it's page.
For each cart/adapter you will find: FAQs and guides, pictures, skins, and more...

Wii Modchips

Here is the list of known Wii modchips, ordered alphabetically.

Homebrew Database

GBAtemp Flash Cart Review Database

Check out our extensive reviews to help you decide which cart is right for you.

Save Game Database

Are you looking for a save file for the latest game? Can't get past a boss? Visit our database for all your needs! You can also submit your save games to our database for other users to enjoy.


Misc information about GBAtemp: