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MENUdo is an alternative firmware for a selected DS Flashcart. Menudo is also avaliable in a freeware version for most other carts, but it does not load ROMs. Currently all that is (publicly) known of MENUdo is that it will boot homebrew .nds files, audio, video and features some internal applications such as a graphics editor, a music player, a text editor and an alarm clock application. MENUdo features an advanced theme scripting system capable of mimicing many popular game system themes. A very basic demo was released in early 2008 entitled "the coffee sabaw demo"[1]


This homebrew started off as an XMB clone on the ds, but as the developer progressed, more was expected by him. He has coded this homebrew for quite a while and all by himself

Supported Formats

Currently, MENUdo supports.

  • .NDS
  • .BMP
  • .SMF[Spinal Media Format]
  • .XM
  • .MOD (libmikmod)


  1. ^ neoflash coding competition entry

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