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''I <3 Gbatemp''
''I <3 Gbatemp''

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PlooBloo's entry for the How much do you love GBAtemp? competition.



What is the significance of a heart? Let's ask some of Nintendo's most famous...

(Mario) I run through hearts and they restore my power meters!

(Pikachu) Pika pika! (It's a hold item that increase the power of attacks)

(Link) Heart container? ZOMG WHERE?!

(Kirby) *Drools*

(Samus) Well, if I could shoot hearts from my Arm Cannon...

(Fox) No comment.

(Kid) Fortunately for me the artist started getting lazy so I didn't get drawn #@&*(@)$&! But I look sexier >_>. Hm HEART-SHAPED YOYO!

(Hand) I'd probably give it to Crazy Hand, but who knows what he'd do with it...But I'll ask him to slap Ness

(NDS) No, no, no! You're all wrong!

(NDS) You use it to express a strong affinity for something... like...

I <3 Gbatemp