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Compatibility list for Retroarch 3DS: Pcsx-Rearmed. Anyone is free to edit this list without an account. Vandalism will be undone and get you blocked from the Wiki.

Posting Guidelines

All Games on this list have been tested with Pcsx-Rearmed retroarch 3ds core.

Name - Add the name obviously and if it’s a game that you run in version 2.2 and beyond.

Region - Enter "USA", "JAP", or "EUR". Do NOT change the region of an existing game entry. When there is a special release for a specific country, enter an appropriate abbreviation.

Status - This column is for the compatibility of Pcsx-Rearmed retroarch 3ds core in its default state. Enter "Works", "Issues", or "Doesn't Work".

Notes - Use this to describe playability, bugs and glitches and to give additional settings if needed.

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Compatibility Legend Class (?)
Games that work 100% or have few/very minor issues, like stuttering audio, or other things that don't affect gameplay. ct-works
Games that work almost 100% and are playable but have some issues like missing textures or crashes after doing certain in-game action not supposed to be done (a intentional bug for example). ct-minor
Games that mostly work but with more serious but playable bugs, or random lockups (random doesn't mean lock up every time at the same spot in the game). ct-issues
Games that do not load and have major problems and/or are unplayable, or have consistent lock ups. ct-broken
Unknown status. Game has not been tested, or the test results were unclear. ct-noresult

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Title Region Game ID Notes
007 Racing NTSC-U N/A
007 The World is Not Enough NTSC-U N/A
007 Tomorrow Never Dies NTSC-U N/A




Title Region Game ID Notes
Crash Bandicoot NTSC-U SCUS-94900 Works great.
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back NTSC-U SCUS-94154 Works great.
Crash Bandicoot Racing NTSC-J SCPS-10118 Barely Slow
Crash Bandicoot Warped NTSC-U SCUS-94244 Barely Slow
Crash Bash NTSC-U SCUS-94570 Works great.
Crash Team Racing NTSC-U SCUS-94426 Barely Slow
Crash Team Racing (review prototype) NTSC-U SCUS-94459 Barely Slow


Title Region Game ID Notes
Destruction Derby NTSC-U N/A
Destruction Derby PAL-E N/A Runs slow
Destruction Derby 2 NTSC-U N/A Destruction Derby Mode Works. Championship Mode Runs slow.
Destruction Derby Raw NTSC-U N/A
Driver NTSC-U N/A
Driver NTSC-U N/A
Driver 2 NTSC-U SLUS-01161 Plays Slow but basically playable. Some Slowdowns before Trying to beat the Special Car, but seems to be a tested game.





Title Region Game ID Notes
Hello Kitty Cube Frenzy NTSC-U N/A
Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing NTSC-U N/A Black screen after intro video


Title Region Game ID Notes
It Might Be NES NTSC-U N/A This game does require the NES rom to be creat this file is .iso or .bin, but makes it to run. That almost work some games like Super Mario Bros and Pac-Man. Runs slow


Title Region Game ID Notes
Jumping Flash NTSC-U N/A
Jumping Flash 2 NTSC-U N/A
Jumping Flash 3 NTSC-U N/A




Title Region Game ID Notes
Mega Man X3 NTSC-U N/A
Mega Man X3 PAL-E N/A
Mega Man X4 NTSC-U N/A
Mega Man X5 NTSC-U N/A
Mega Man X6 NTSC-U N/A
Mr. Driller NTSC-U N/A
Mr. Driller NTSC-J N/A
Mr. Driller G NTSC-J N/A




Title Region Game ID Notes
pNESx NTSC-U N/A Same game as "It Might Be NES". It runs slow.
Puyo Puyo SUN NTSC-J N/A
Persona 2: Innocent Sin (with fan-transaltion v.1.0a) NTSC-J SLPS-02100 Pro tip: Don't be like me and use an Old 3DS XL to emulate PS1 games. I only went though the first cutscene so the rest should be fine.



Title Region Game ID Notes
Rayman ​ NTSC-U N/A
Rayman NTSC-J N/A
Rayman 2 ​ NTSC-U N/A
Rayman 2 ​ PAL-E N/A
Rayman Rush ​ NTSC-U N/A
Revelations: Persona ​ NTSC-U SLUS-00339 Only went though the first part. It should work all the way.
Rockman Dash 2 Episode 2 - Ooinaru Isan NTSC-J N/A
Rockman EXE 1 NTSC-J N/A
Rockman EXE 2 NTSC-J N/A
Rockman EXE 3 NTSC-J N/A
Rockman EXE 4 NTSC-J N/A
Rockman EXE 5 NTSC-J N/A
Rockman EXE 6 NTSC-J N/A
Rockman EXE Battle and Chase NTSC-J N/A
Rockman X3 NTSC-J N/A


Title Region Game ID Notes
Shin Megami Tensei (with fan-translation version 1.1) NTSC-J SLPS-03170 Same goes what is on the Persona 2: Innocent Sin entry.


Title Region Game ID Notes
Tom & Jerry in House Trap NTSC-U N/A
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 NTSC-U N/A
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 NTSC-U N/A
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 NTSC-U N/A
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 NTSC-U N/A





Title Region Game ID Notes
X2 NTSC-J N/A Runs fine with no errors. Slow