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The Rock Guide: How to USB Load Games with USB Peripheral Controllers

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  • Most if not all USB Peripheral Controller bug solutions involve using Hermes' IOS 222 and IOS 223 (which are alternatives to Waninkoko's IOS249). If you don't already have those installed, you'll find guides for installing them with Hermes' cIOS installer here and here. If you've already used xzxero's simplistic mod to install cIOS222[38+37]-v4.wad with the WAD Manager, you are done.
  • Remove all GameCube memory cards and controllers!
  • Plug in all peripherals BEFORE booting the game!
  • As always, make sure your hard drive is connected to the Wii via the outside USB port (the one closest to the edge of the Wii).

Configurable USB Loader

  1. Select your Game
  2. Press 1 Button for Options
  3. Using the Directional Pad, scroll down to "IOS"
  4. Select IOS: 222-mload (IOS37 merged with IOS38)
  5. Press 2 Button to Save Options
  6. Press A to Start Game

Band Hero

Wulfie's Solution

  1. Download this: uLoader
  2. Find ehcmodule.elf in uloader folder you just extracted, copy it to sd:/usb-loader/ and rename it to ehcmodule4.elf

Oggzee's Rebuttal

  1. external ehcmodule is not needed, how did you come to that conclusion?

XFlak Weighs In

band hero loads like any other game, u don't need an external ehcmodule (I think that external module is used for using the alternate usb port, or it could be a different module all together, i'm not sure... but its definitely not needed to play band hero)

GENOCIDEGeorge Finishes It

I've been using CFG USB Loader for all my games, including Band Hero and Guitar Hero 5. Neither of them require an external ehcmodule.

USB Loader GX (v749 or newer)

  1. Select your Game
  2. When you see the spinning disc, choose settings
  3. Go into Game Load
  4. Change the IOS to IOS222 or 223 (whatever one you installed as IOS37 merged with IOS38)
  5. Save and launch the game

Works with

Above methods work with following games (*) :

  • ACDC Live: Rock Band Song Pack
  • The Beatles Rock Band
  • Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
  • Guitar Hero 5
  • Guitar Hero: Aerosmith
  • Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits
  • Guitar Hero: Metallica
  • Guitar Hero: Smash Hits
  • Guitar Hero: World Tour
  • LEGO Rock Band
  • Rock Band Song Pack 1
  • Rock Band 2
  • Rock Band Country Track Pack
  • Rock'n'Roll Adventures

(*) = May not work for any of these games

XFlak's Corrections

just a couple things that need correcting...

there are multiple cIOSs that work with these games now, they include the following:

-hermes-v4[37+38 ] (installed to slot 222 or 223, doesn't matter)... this is the cIOS that has been tried tested and true, but the other cIOSs below are faster (but may have compatibility issues that I have not yet discovered) -hermes-v5[37] (installed to slot 223 or 224) -wanins-v19[37] (installed to slot 249 and/or 250)

the one major thing I think ur guide is missing, is how to get pirated DLC to work (currently only works with the original/retail disc... I think). I don't know too much about this, but i think cioscorp + backup disc launching gets DLC working (just in case you 'misplaced' the retail disc)

Maurifrog's guide

If you hacked using maurifrog's Guide, and are using cfg loader. Just click on the Rockband game, Click on options and choose 248 as the IOS.