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SNEEK v2 Homebrew Compatibility Matrix

Anyone is free to edit this list though you must create an account first. Vandals will be banned and their IP blocked from further edits.

PLEASE READ ME (Guidelines)

Make sure you have at least one bit of homebrew loading as expected while running SNEEK before you say something doesn't work. If nothing works for you then it's probably your setup

1. If a homebrew is working it doesn't always make it green, as titles marked green should be/are 99.9-100% compatible. See color chart below.

2. The Notes section is only for quirks regarding the way the homebrew application perfroms. Notes like 'Works Great' are not needed and simply add clutter.

3. If you have a different result for the same app and version, please don't take an existing entry and completely change the it - start a new entry, and then we can track which is the most common result

4. Extended Information to be placed at the bottom of the page, only for applications that are marked as not working for most people, but working for some. Only people who have it working should post info.

5. If you are the first person to add an application then the confirmed column should read 0 (as it is unconfirmed). Every person should then add 1 to that when they have tested it as working.

6. Make sure your USB device works and is stable before reporting applications don't work. You shoul have at least one app working before you post anything here.

7. Make sure your USB device isn't overheating due to long usage when reporting crashes.

8. Other Usb devices, especially USB LAN adapter, might interfere with the loader. When testing, unplug the LAN adapter and delete the "Wired Connection" profile if the wifi-enabled game freezes.

Compatibility Legend
Green represents applications that work 100% or just have slight audio/video stutter or anything else that doesn't effect gameplay .
Orange represents applications that mostly work but with more serious but playable bugs, or random lockups (random doesn't mean lock up every time at the same spot in the application).
Red represents applications that do not load and have major problems and/or are unplayable, or have consistent lock ups.

Loading from HBC

Application Author Version USB Result Wiiload Result Notes Confirmed
AnyTitle Deleter GP Mod Tona, MrClick, GiantPune 1.0v4 Not Working - - 0
Dop-IOS MOD TBC v10.1 Working - - 0
Triiforce WiiPower, Nicksasa TBC Not Working - Freezes. Requires IOS249 which is currently broken with SNEEK 0
WiiXplorer TBC TBC Not Working - Black Screen 0

Loading from Channel (Systemmenu)

Application Author Version Nandloader Result Notes Confirmed
AnyTitle Deleter GP Mod Tona, MrClick, GiantPune 1.0v4 comex Working Code dump on exit 0