• * EVERYTHING SHOULD WORK (but not 100% definite) with Wiikey Firmware v1.9b or later and Wiikey Config Disk v1.3 (http://www.wiikey.cn/resources. === Compatibility List for NTSC-U Wiis ===
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  • Welcome to the Wii Hacking FAQ! <br/> Modding is altering your wii so that it runs code not authorized by Nintendo.
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  • :A program for the wii that is able to launch backups, by using a cIOS (See 'cIOS) :A custom version of an IOS (See ''IOS''), that allows the wii to run fakesigned (unofficial) content (like backups).
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  • :Firmware used by the Nintendo 3DS when running GBA virtual console titles. :A modified firmware that makes use of [[#S|sighax]] and a vulnerability in the console's NDMA e
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  • #Connect the device before turning your Wii on, to be safe. Enable any relevant "Disk mode", "USB storage mode" etc. be #Try to plug in the Device and then power on Wii.
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  • ...tibility Table/Table Entry|Name=Rabbids go home |Result=Works |Region=NTSC-U |GameID=RGWX41 |Size=2.2G |Notes=Up to v1.5 game freezes at "Licensed by Ni ...ble/Table Entry|Name=Rampage total destruction |Result=Issues |Region=NTSC-U |GameID=RPGE5D |Size=1.12G |Notes=USBLoaderGXr571,cIOS 222r2 |Confirmed=0 |
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  • ...system version, provided that the custom firmware being used supports that firmware version. So you can keep your 4.5 exploit while still having access to onli ...N3DS models use the smaller micro SDs. We can use this to store homebrew, custom themes, save files, eShop and .cia home menu channels, and, if you want, an
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  • ...loader with a graphical interface. Similar look to The Homebrew Channel on Wii. ===Firmware patchers===
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  • ==Wii U version== RetroArch for the WiiU is the frontend developed for libretro's Wii U emulators.
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  • This is a Wii U Custom Firmware. It has a boot menu that allows you to select some options on boot. [[Category:Wii U Custom Firmware]]
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  • ...tom boot loader can be used to load different programs or patch the loaded firmware. ...running automatically at console boot. Example, a coldboot CFW is a custom firmware loaded automatically when powering the console without any user interaction
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