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The Tempcast is GBAtemp's official podcast which features discussion related to GBAtemp, homebrew, and gaming in general. The Tempcast accepts segments and questions for the Tempcast Crew, via their email address [email protected], from any members who wish to submit anything. The Tempcast Crew also tend to respond to chat and answer questions from their official channel on GBAtemp's IRC server, #Tempcast.

History of the Tempcast

Tempcast's Humble Beginnings

The Tempcast's original planned crew was MR_COW, Little, and Martin, but due to financial difficulties, Martin was unable to provide his services as podcast crew. Spikey was contacted to replace Martin, and he agreed, thus forming the original podcast team. Shortly thereafter, the Tempcast began to be teased as GBAtemp's Secret Feature with a section of the front page containing input boxes for a username and password. Upon entering the correct username and password, the user would be greeted to a test recording of the Tempcast. Later the crew got together and recorded a proper episode, but due to delays in editing the content became outdated and not released(although this episode later was released as Episode 0). MR_COW became too busy in the time following the recording of the unreleased episode to record again, and since too much time since the teasing of the Secret Feature had passed, Costello came in to record an episode. The first episode featured Spikey and Little, the episode was edited by Costello, and finally revealed and released on September 26, 2007.

Finding Its Purpose

In the episodes that followed, many changes in both content and crew began to take place while the Tempcast tried to find its footing. The second episode featured the return of MR_COW to his recording and editing duties as well as his actual presence on the episode itself. The third episode featured the very first Go Ask Yer Mother by mthrnite and also introduced his partner in crime, RoboDave. By the fourth episode lagman and Hadrian were brought on to replace MR_COW and Little, due to conflicting schedules, while VVoltz recorded.

In the episodes that followed, the main crew remained consistently Hadrian, lagman, and Spikey. The Tempcast's theme also went through several different revisions while mthrnite experimented with getting it just right. Little came on for an episode here and there as well as a few guests. The Infamous Tempcast Episode 11 arrived on April 2, 2008; This episode was used as a vehicle for shaunj66's response to the members of GBAtemp for The Great CNET April Fools Prank of 2008 as well as the Tempcast Crew's own April Fools Day Prank. As well as being made up almost entirely of false news, the episode also contained the first appearance of Greg Woggerman, who has become a somewhat frequently recurring character as well as Tempcast meme.

Tempcast Hiatus

Following Episode 11, due to internal conflicts among crew, the Tempcast ended up going on a 4 month long hiatus. During this time, the Tempcast Crew's structure and organization was refined. Episode 12 was recorded, but still remains unreleased awaiting mthrnite's editing. On June 26, 2008, Episode 0 was finally released to the public, much to Little's disapproval, to make up for the large gap since the last Tempcast. On September 30, 2008, Episode 13 was finally released. This episode contained what would be the final revision to the Tempcast Theme, as well as featuring Hadrian along with VVoltz, who would go on to remain permanent Tempcast Crew.

Unfortunately, following Episode 13, only one more episode was released before another hiatus. After 5 months, Episode 15 was released in two parts(Episodes 15.0 and Episode 15.5) due to its immensely long running time(over 3 hours total between both parts). The first half(running time 1:17:34) featured Hadrian, VVoltz, Spikey and mthrnite, ending with mthrnite's departure at the end. The second half(1:47:01) picks up where the last left off containing only Hadrian, VVoltz, and Spikey. The episodes contain minimal editing, featuring a contrast to that of the style most previous Tempcasts had been, which would morph into what would become the way of the future live Tempcasts.

The Live Tempcast Era

On April 3, 2009 the Tempcast had its first ever live broadcast. Episode 16 marked the crew's first experience in not only broadcasting live, but the first to also enjoy the company of a "live audience" that the crew could interact with during the recording of the podcast. This enabled things like the listeners being able to have discussion with each other related to the current Tempcast, or asking the crew questions on the fly, whether for clarification on a point mentioned or otherwise. Since then, every single Tempcast has also been broadcast live. However, due to the nature of a live broadcast, the Tempcast has experienced minor issues on a few episodes. Notable examples include; Episode 18, when at the beginning issues with WildWon's audio were incurred; Episode 20, when a crash with Audacity caused the crew to lose the high quality recording of the episode(normally such a crash would cause the cancellation of release of the episode in its current state); and Episode 21, when Skype kept dropping the calls causing unexpected breaks in the Tempcast.

Starting from Episode 22, the Tempcast began airing the live broadcast on a consistent schedule. The Tempcasts have been broadcast once every four weeks Saturdays at 11:30 PM London Time, adjusting for London's daylight savings. The Tempcast crew hoped that with a consistent schedule, more people would be able to attend live broadcasts because the known date and time of a Tempcast is always known in advance. Since March 4, 2010, it has been revealed that in addition to the regularly scheduled Tempcasts, additional Tempcasts can occur in-between on various days, at varying times. This allows for additional flexibility for both the crew who take part in a Tempcast, as well as listeners in regions of the world that could otherwise not be able to listen to a live broadcast due to the disruption of one's schedule that would occur as a result. The first episode off schedule that was planned was for March 6th, 2010 at 10:00 PM London time.

Notable Tempcast Items

Tempcast Logos

TempcastLogo1.jpg TempcastLogo2.png TempcastLogo3.png

Tempcast Theme

The original theme for the Tempcast was Tshu's entry for the How much do you love GBAtemp? competition. Later, mthrnite went through several revisions for the theme until it ended up being what it currently is. The Tempcast theme also has an extended rock version, and also a Halloween themed one used on the Tempcast Halloween Special.

Go Ask Yer Mother

Segment by mthrnite where he responds to questions from GBAtemp members. Co-hosted by RoboDave.

Episode 11

April Fools Day episode of the Tempcast. Entire episode consisted of made up news items and an interview with DSI's Greg Woggerman.

Greg Woggerman

Alter ego of Hadrian. Works at DSI. Has made several cameos in various Tempcast, the most recent of which(at the time of this writing) being as a zombie on the Tempcast Halloween Special.

Social Networking

The Tempcast crew strive for as much community involvement as they can get. Aside from having an official channel on GBAtemp's IRC Server, the Tempcast also has its own Twitter Account, as well as a Facebook Page. Through these pages, the crew give various updates about the status of upcoming episode, when episodes are posted to the Tempcast's RSS feed, and various other events related to the Tempcast.


The Tempcast has been criticized in various ways over the years. Major complaints have been primarily focused on obscene descriptions and excessive foul language. The Tempcast crew has been working diligently to improve the Tempcast's reputation and popularity by avoiding these things in the future.

Tempcast Crew

Current Active Crew

Past Crew


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