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Compatibility list for Wii64/Not64. Anyone is free to edit this list without an account. Vandalism will be undone and get you blocked from the Wiki.

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Posting Guidelines

Region - Enter "USA", "JAP", or "EUR". Do NOT change the region of an existing game entry. When there is a special release for a specific country, enter an appropriate abbreviation.

Version - Always try to use the latest Wii64 release, currently the most recent is the experimental modification Not64. If you're using a more recent version than the one listed, update this field. Please follow the same formatting as other entries.

Status - This column is for the compatibility of Not64 in its default state. Enter "Works", "Issues", or "Doesn't Work".

Virtual Console - Enter "Yes" if it is currently available as a Virtual Console title.

Notes - Use this to describe playability, bugs and glitches and to give additional settings if needed.

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Compatibility Legend Class (?)
Games that work 100% or have few/very minor issues, like stuttering audio, or other things that don't affect gameplay. ct-works
Games that work almost 100% and are playable but have some issues like missing textures or crashes after doing certain in-game action not supposed to be done (a intentional bug for example). ct-minor
Games that mostly work but with more serious but playable bugs, or random lockups (random doesn't mean lock up every time at the same spot in the game). ct-issues
Games that do not load and have major problems and/or are unplayable, or have consistent lock ups. ct-broken
Unknown status. Game has not been tested, or the test results were unclear. ct-noresult

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Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
007: The World is not Enough USAUSA Not64 20150205 Sound Works now! Multiplayer is great. Missing graphics in mission 1
007: The World is not Enough EuropeEUR Wii64 1.1 Sound Works now! Multiplayer is great. Missing graphics in mission 1
1080 Snowboarding EuropeEUR Wii64 1.1 Some textures in Menu missing, perfect ingame
40 Winks (Prototype) EuropeEUR Not64 20150205 Now working fine. Last working version Not64 Second


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Aerofighters Assault USAUSA Gameplay works great, but there is a loud piercing beep. Should shut of sound beforehand
AeroGauge USAUSA Works Perfectly!
A Bug's Life USAUSA Works perfectly! (Lag is original N64 lag)
Aidyn Chronicles USAUSA freeze on name select. (plays fine, around 40 fps)
Air Boarder 64 USAUSA
All-star Baseball '99 USAUSA doesn't load
All-star Baseball '00 USAUSA doesn't load
All-star Baseball '01 USAUSA doesn't load
Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. USAUSA Not64v2 Now game works perfectly, sound too
Army Men Sarges Heroes EuropeEUR Wii64 1.1 Please RETEST using NOT64 about 15-20fps
Army Men Sarges Heroes 2 USAUSA Wii64 1.1 Please RETEST using NOT64Almost Perfect (10-20 fps)
Army Men Air Combat USAUSA Graphics in levels messed up, and 10 second wait before missions start, fully playable though
Asteroids Hyper 64 USAUSA Color of menu text slightly off, but game is 100% playable
Automobili Lamborghini USAUSA Wii64 1.1 Works Perfectly


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Banjo Kazooie USAUSA Not64 20150205 A few white textures, menu background is garbled, "I" and "!" don't appear properly, some occasional slowdown
Banjo Kazooie EuropeEUR A few white textures, minor slowdown
Banjo Tooie USAUSA Not64 20150205 Turn on FB Textures to fix graphics, runs a lot slower than Banjo Kazooie (typically around 0.8-0.9x speed)
Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker USAUSA Not64 20150205 Runs flawlessly
Battletanx USAUSA Black Screen on start up, forced reset needed to get out of it
Battletanx 2: Global Assualt USAUSA Black Screen on start up, forced reset needed to get out of it
Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs USAUSA Plays, but huge graphics glitch
Beast Wars Transmetal USAUSA Plays well
Beetle Adventure Racing EuropeEUR Not64 20150205 Plays well. Ingame speed issues fixed
Big Mountain 2000 USAUSA Runs perfect
Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. USAUSA text glitchy
Blast Corps USAUSA Not64 20150205 Very playable on Not64
Blues Brothers 2000 EuropeEUR Wii64 1.1 Runs well
Body Harvest USAUSA Horrible slowdown
Bomberman 64 USAUSA Wii64 1.1 Runs well, must press start at the black screen after the intro to see the main menu, Black Screen at the Green Garden's Stage 4 (The Winged Dragon), and lots of graphical glitches
Bomberman 64: The Second Attack! USAUSA Wii64 1.1 Crashes on startup
Bomberman Hero USAUSA Wii64 1.1 Works almost perfectly with some slowdowns
Buck Bumble USAUSA Runs Well


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
California Speed USAUSA Plays perfect with some graphics glitches here and there. Can't save. Rumble pack feature does not work
Carmageddon 64 USAUSA Plays well apart from not being able to read the menu
Castlevania 64 USAUSA Runs in interpreter mode. <20 FPS
Castlevania Legacy of Darkness USAUSA Runs in interpreter mode
Chameleon Twist USAUSA Minor graphic glitches. Full speed! *Also, at times certain enemies may be almost completely invisible, though not often, and easy to work with
Chameleon Twist 2 USAUSA Must play with FB Textures set to yes in the video menu for graphics to show. Game runs at a normal 60 FPS, but it appears to drop to 48. Suffers from occasional lock ups
Charlie Blast's Territory USAUSA Not Playing, hangs after mission select
Command & Conquer 64 USAUSA Bad menus, but in game is almost perfect. A fan of this game should double check that it doesn't freeze further in the game
Conkers Bad Fur Day USAUSA Not64 20150205 Turn FB Textures on and set Audio Speed Limit to DL. A few white textures and occasional slowdown, splitscreen multiplayer has a lot of audio distortion
Cruisin' Exotica USAUSA Major graphical glitches
Cruisin' USA USAUSA Major slowdown and slow audio. Slight Graphical glitches
Cruisn World USAUSA Minor sound slowdown. Works perfectly
Custom Robo V2 JapanJAP
CyberTiger USAUSA Minor sound issues, Minor graphical issues, can be played fully


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Dark Rift USAUSA Hangs at load
DeadlyArts USAUSA Plays with minor graphical issues
Diddy Kong Racing USAUSA Runs fine. Water turns to diffetent colors quickly (only on places with a large amount of water such as sherbet land lobby and water tracks). NPC (Taj, NPC T.T. and bosses) models are whiter than normal, adventure two is unplayable due to a huge graphical glitch
Diddy Kong Racing EuropeEUR Runs almost perfectly. Occasional slight slowdown with audio and graphics. Adventure Two is unplayable. Water flashes different colors(doesn't look like water), which makes it a little difficult to play the hover craft races
Dobutsu no Mori (Animal Forest) JapanJAP Black Screen during time set. Find clean save file
Donkey Kong 64 USAUSA Major slow down. Intro to fast/out of sync
Donkey Kong 64 EuropeEUR Weird camera glitches,minor slowdowns and graphic glitches
Donald Duck Going Quackers USAUSA Black screen
Donald Duck Quack Attack EuropeEUR black screen with sound-hissing
Doom 64 EuropeEUR Runs fine besides the audio slowdown
Dr. Mario 64 USAUSA MAJOR Graphic Glitches
Duck Dodgers Starring Daffy Duck USAUSA Runs pretty well, slight graphical glitches and fast sound issues during cutscenes
Dual Heroes USAUSA MAJOR Graphic Glitches
Duke Nukem 64 USAUSA Major lag slow speeds menu is unusable at times horrible render errors
Duke Nukem Zero Hour USAUSA works fine, Can change controller settings in the main menu of game


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Earthworm Jim 3D USAUSA Music only sounds normal at 60 fps, through rarely will the game drop below 50 fps. The collectibles in the game, called "Marbles" are not loading, and only their shadows are visible. It's still possible to collect them, and is not that hard to deal with
Earthworm Jim 3D EuropeEUR Runs fine, collectives show up
Excitebike 64 USAUSA Now Sound fixed, not unbearable. Desert course is unplayable due to no arrow guiding you
Extreme G EuropeEUR Some graphical glitches in races
Extreme G XG2 EuropeEUR Now all Backgrounds display in races


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
F-1 World Grand Prix USAUSA Plays great but a very annoying sound is menu
Fighting Force 64 USAUSA Sound is OK but graphics are messed up. Unplayable
Fighters Destiny USAUSA Minor Graphic Glitches
Fighters Destiny 2 USAUSA Character Select Screen Missing
Flying Dragon USAUSA sound only, no video
Forsaken 64 USAUSA Minor Graphic Glitches
F-Zero X EuropeEUR Near perfect some graphic problems. Froze on me right before mute city race. Tried running in both settings, froze before first race both times


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
GameShark Pro V3.3 USAUSA Code Dump
Gauntlet Legends USAUSA Black Screen
Gex 2 Enter the Gecko USAUSA Now no graphical glitches as of Not64 v1
Gex 3 Deep cover Gecko USAUSA Now no graphical glitchesas of Not64 v1
Glover 64 EuropeEUR Now all textures show. Graphic glitch objects can be seen thru walls
GoldenEye 007 USAUSA Not64 20150205 Small graphical bugs like the sky not working and some slowdown on more intensive parts. Multiplayer has problems with white screen flickers, turn FB Textures on to fix this however it will run a lot slower and it causes some minor issues on the screen for other players
GoldenEye 007 EuropeEUR Runs fine with some slowdowns and a bit of lag. James Bond(you) move at normal speed, bad guys move very slow
GoldenEye X USAUSA Not64 20150205 Too many bots can cause some slowdown. Turn on FB Textures to avoid flashing white screen while playing splitscreen but this tends to lock up the game
Goemon's Great Adventure USAUSA Runs in interpreter mode


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Harvest Moon 64 USAUSA Won't let you play past Summer 1st. 6/29/12 (beta1.1)
Hercules The Legendary Journeys USAUSA Freezes on black screen after rumble choice
Hybrid Heaven USAUSA Not64 02052015 minor graphics glitches and slowdowns
Hydro Thunder USAUSA No sound, freeze a few seconds into playing
Hexen USAUSA Freezes on black screen at game start


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Iggy's Reckin' Balls USAUSA Game appears to freeze after 'Iguana' logo appears
Indiana Jones USAUSA Does not load


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Jet Force Gemini USAUSA Major graphic glitches (large blocks of color). Game randomly froze during first 'cutscene'. Turn on FB Texture to solve the problem. It freeze if you push start
John Romero's Daikatana USAUSA Slight graphic glitches
Jeopardy! USAUSA Works perfectly. sounds may sound strange


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Killer Instinct Gold USAUSA Graphics Glitches
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards USAUSA Very much playable, minor graphic glitches
Knife Edge USAUSA Too fast and text is garbled
Kobe Bryant's NBA Courtside USAUSA Works perfect


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time USAUSA It is slow, but other than that it works perfect
Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time EuropeEUR Random slowdowns, a few sound issues, and a few inconvenient graphical glitches once in a while. Some textures are also messed up
Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time: Master Quest USAUSA Works but graphic gets glitched sometimes and sound can get garbled at times.
Legend of Zelda, The: Majora's Mask EuropeEUR Works fine with some graphical inconvenience.Sometimes depending which setting you use,the speed of everything is increased by like 10x. Tael is pink, fairies are fatter, and a black screen when you open the menu. The menu will be visible but for about eight seconds at a time
Legend of Zelda, The: Majora's Mask USAUSA Playable through Goron Village until the Lens of Truth is obtained. Looking at an invisible object causes the screen to turn yellow until the LoT is deactivated or you look at something not invisible. Turning the map off remedies this, however invisible objects still do not appear making the game unplayable past this point. Still if you wish to work past this, you can use methods described here to speak to the Ghost Goron (And other invisible characters) and here to climb the mountain
Legend of Zelda, The: Majora's Mask Preview Demo USAUSA Runs perfectly. Sky texture is missing, location name display is in one shade of purple, Tael is pink, fairies are fatter, and a black screen when you open the menu. The menu will be visible but for about eight seconds at a time
Lego Racers USAUSA Slow speed
Lego Racers USAUSA Normal speed, tracks sometimes look weird as you drive, but it isn't annoying
Lode Runner 3D USAUSA Controls buggy at times (with classic controller), when bug occurs graphics tear. Not often enough to irritate


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Mace: The Dark Ages USAUSA No background during fights and text garbled
Mario Golf USAUSA Crashes after logos.
Mario Kart 64 USAUSA Works perfectly. Sound issues.
Mario Party USAUSA Some Minor Graphical Glitches. FB on fixes screen flashes
Mario Party 2 USAUSA Some Minor Graphical Glitches. FB on fixes screen flashes
Mario Party 3 USAUSA The game works perfect for but some minigames are slow. FB on fixes screen flashes
Mario Tennis USAUSA Lag, glitches, freezing. Couldn't get past intro
Megaman 64 USAUSA Sound occasionally buggy, and game freezes during final boss battle with Juno
Mickey's Speedway USA USAUSA Major graphical glitches
Mickey's Speedway USA EuropeEUR Slowdown at title screen and countdown before races, and a little graphics glitch during the countdown. But besides that the game runs fine!
Micromachines 64 USAUSA A few graphical glitches
Mischief Makers USAUSA Slight slowdown with loads of characters on screen
Mission Impossible USAUSA Slightly slow and instable gameplay, sound glitches
Monopoly USAUSA Sound glitches, slightly slow gameplay
Mortal Kombat 4 USAUSA HUD disappears at the start of each round
Mortal Kombat Mythologies USAUSA Unplayable. Title screens work, but all graphics missing once in game except for health bar
Ms. Pacman Maze Madness USAUSA OK speed, but missing graphics make game hard to play
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon USAUSA Black screen after Intro cutscene. (Not the press start cutscene but the story intro)
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon JapanJAP Runs in pure interpreter mode. After Intro cutscene there is a long load time, and entering and exiting doors take awhile. There was slowdown that cut the game's speed in half, as well as there being quit a few messed up textures, and on top of all that the Goemon model doesn't load, only his shadow
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon 2 JapanJAP Black screen after character select screen
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon 2 JapanJAP Many graphics on start screen appear awkwardly; game only runs under pure intrpt mode it appears


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Namco Meuseum USAUSA After clicking "Play Game" you get a freeze on the Wii64 menu
NASCAR 2000 USAUSA Graphics issues including bad menu and during racing there is a chunck of the track missing. It is possible to race though
NASCAR 99 USAUSA Blank screen in dynarec mode. Unplayable in interpreter mode
NBA Hangtime USAUSA Slows down during Tipoff
Neon Genesis Evangelion USAUSA Graphics messed up, unplayable, black screen during gameplay
NFL Blitz USAUSA Freezes during intro
NFL Blitz 2000 USAUSA Sound slowed down. After getting into a game freezes randomly
NFL Blitz 2001 USAUSA Sound slowed down. Freezes as soon as a match starts
NFL Blitz Special Edition USAUSA Sound slowed down. Freezes as soon as match starts
NHL '99 USAUSA Playable. Minor slowdown, with slight sound glitches and flashing pause menu
NHL Blades of Steel '99 USAUSA Works fine, with minor graphics issues like black ice patches at faceoffs, but ice is normal during icetime
Nightmare Creatures USAUSA Freezes at Wii64 menu
Nuclear Strike 64 USAUSA Slowdown, an average of 20 FPS
The New Tetris USAUSA The blocks cant be seen, making the game unplayable.


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
O.D.T. (Prototype) USAUSA Minor slowdown, and very minor graphic glitches. Appears fully playable!
Ogre Battle 64 USAUSA Very Playable


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Paperboy 64 USAUSA Slowdown, Graphic Glitches
Paper Mario 64 USAUSA Freeze at entering Castle in intro. Major graphical issues
Perfect Dark USAUSA Slow when loading or with intensive scenes. Combat simulator works well. Singleplayer may crash after first mission
Pilotwings 64 USAUSA Menus and general gameplay works fine, but some slight audio issues and some very obstructive bugs during flight. [better with fb textures]
Pocket Monsters Stadium JapanJAP same as pokemon stadium. May cause Code dump error on load
Pokemon Puzzle League USAUSA Freeze Before Loading
Pokemon Snap USAUSA Working. Camera will NOT move, making it 95% unplayable
Pokemon Stadium USAUSA No sound and the graphic glitches might be a bit hard to deal with but can still be played
Pokemon Stadium 2 USAUSA Some graphical issues, but playable. Just have to use c-buttons to check the pokemon moves before selecting from rental
Polaris Snocross USAUSA No sound, only graphics seen is sky. Ground, snowmobile, etc are all black.
Power League 64 JapanJAP Can't see players or stadium.
Powerpuff Girls USAUSA MAJOR Graphic GlitcJhes
Puyo Puyo 4: Puyo Puyo Party JapanJAP Does not load
Puyo Puyo Sun 64 JapanJAP Works Perfectly


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Quake 64 USAUSA MAJOR Graphic Glitches
Quake II USAUSA Crashes before you start the game
Quest 64 USAUSA Is playable, for the most part, but experienced a crash in blue cave after casting rock shower. Tested by french toast: Spell animations are missing their respective colors (i.e. no green on a wind cutter) and appears completely white. Octagonal battle lines and enemy defeat animations are also white.


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Rakuga Kids USAUSA Slow load times, other than that it's flawless!
Rampage 2: Universal Tour USAUSA Black screen
Rampage World Tour USAUSA Very minimal graphical issues
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing USAUSA Maybe "status = Issues
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing 2 USAUSA Maybe "status = Issues
Rayman 2 USAUSA After clicking "start game" you get a freeze on the Wii64 menu
Rayman 2 EuropeEUR Slow (about 60-70% of actual game speed) but playable.
Ridge Racer 64 USAUSA Small Graphics Issues
Rocket: Robot on Wheels USAUSA Almost Perfect, slowdown when in large environments
Ralley Challenge 2000 USAUSA Just a bit slow on the loading time
Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA USAUSA if glitch issues in game, just change camera angle
Rugrats in Paris: The Movie USAUSA Works but there is no sound.


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
San Francisco Rush: 2049 USAUSA Runs great, no graphical issues but the games doesn't have audio .
San Francisco Rush: Extreme Racing USAUSA Working perfectly, minor graphical issues.
Scooby Doo: Classic Creep Capers USAUSA Working perfectly.
Sin and Punishment USAUSA Minor glitches but mostly works
Snowboard Kids USAUSA Small graphics issues. Requires texture framebuffer enabled to avoid epileptic seizures (constant flicker!), which slightly slows down gameplay. Sound Issues (very slow)
Snowboard Kids 2 USAUSA Works perfectly, small issues
South Park Rally USAUSA Major graphics missing
South Park: Chef's Luv Shack USAUSA Black Screen
Shadow Man USAUSA Slow loading when transitioning to other areas. Minor graphical glitches, sometimes life meter displays incorrectly, or the HUD will disappear. (I think this happens when you have more than 5 units of life and there's a lot of things on the screen) Has a rare tendency to randomly lock up every once in a while. This occurs most notably in the second visit to the Engine Block in the Asylum. Restart the game until it stops and you should be fine
Spider-Man USAUSA Major Graphics Glitches
South Park USAUSA Black Screen
Space Station Silicon Valley USAUSA Major graphics missing
StarCraft 64 USAUSA Graphics Issues
Star Fox 64 USAUSA Explosion sounds slightly buggy, slight slowdowns at some parts
Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth USAUSA Buggy vehicle selection, no menu screen(you can still navigate) for reference, Also there are 2 other selections below options: enemies and stage select, respectively, but must be unlocked. code dump error occurs randomly if you stay too long in menus/vehicle selection. In-Gameplay plays perfectly
Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer USAUSA Some of intro visible but then crashes/freezes
Star Wars: Episode 1 Battle For Naboo USAUSA Black Screen
Star Wars: Rouge Squadron USAUSA Black Screen
Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire USAUSA Game Starts And Shows Opening Cutscene, Then Goes Black
Super Mario 64 USAUSA Works perfectly.
Super Mario 64 EuropeEUR Messed up fonts, else works perfectly.
Super Smash Bros USAUSA Works near perfect, minor graphics missing i.e tornados, and some slight slow down in music as well as the announcer's voice in single player and the game slows down by 5 - 10% when more than one enemy on screen i.e. announcing and fighting against Yoshi Team
Shadowgate 64 USAUSA Texture Glitches


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Tarzan USAUSA Sound missing
Tetrisphere USAUSA Slight slowdown loading stages, colors bugs
The New Tetris USAUSA Blocks are not visible while falling, only when they hit the ground. Unplayable
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six USAUSA Bad in game graphics, but I guess cool if your high ;)
Tom & Jerry: Fists of Furry USAUSA Freezes at versus and single player screen
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater USAUSA Graphics messed up, playable, some text unreadable. All text unreadable, Skaters all look like they are in prison outfits(black and white lines)=graphic problems
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 USAUSA Graphics messed up, playable, some text unreadable
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 USAUSA Graphics messed up, playable, some text unreadable
Top Gear Rally USAUSA Text Missing, Black sky and slow ingame.
Top Gear Rally 2 USAUSA Graphics missing and one car started before race began
Toy Story 2 USAUSA Black screen
Turok Dinosaur Hunter USAUSA Minor graphical glitches
Turok Rage Wars USAUSA There are graphic glitches in the menu that may make the game tough to play


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Utchan Nanchan no Hono no Challenger: Denryuu Ira Ira Bou JapanJAP Black screen


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Vigilante 8 USAUSA Though technically 'level one' loads, there are major graphics missing
Violence Killer: Turok New Generation JapanJAP Black screen upon startup
Virtual Chess 64 USAUSA works fine. Tutorial text cannot be read
Virtual Pool 64 USAUSA You can play this game, but there are major graphic glitches (black flickering effect upon camera movement)
Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 JapanJAP Black screen upon startup
Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 JapanJAP All 3D effects missing
V-Rally Edition 99' USAUSA Major graphics missing


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
WarGods USAUSA Very good emulation, some stages have graphic glitches
Wheel of Fortune USAUSA some sounds sound strange
Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey 98 USAUSA Slight slowdown
Waverace 64 USAUSA Slight Graphical Glitches.
WCW/NWO Revenge USAUSA Major Graphics Glitches
Winback:Covert Operation USAUSA a few graphic errors ,lika a black box around the player
WipEout 64 USAUSA Black screen on boot. Very occasionally manages to boot but graphical issues to extreme to be playable.
Worms Armageddon USAUSA Major Graphical Glitches
WWF No Mercy USAUSA Some sounds sound strange, few graphic errors.
WWF War Zone USAUSA Freeze at title menu
WWF Wrestlemania 2000 USAUSA Major Graphics Glitches


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes
Yoshi's Story EuropeEUR freezes at boot
Yoshi's Story USAUSA Very slow, low-quality sound, the only visible thing on screen is Yoshi


Game Name Region Version Virtual Console Notes

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