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WiiSX beta 01

This Wiki page is a compatibility list for WiiSX, a Sony Playstation Emulator for the Wii.
WiiSX is developed by tehpola, sepp256 and emu_kidid.

Compatibility list for Beta 2 is available here






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The official version

The unofficial versions

.Support for classic controller
.Support for USB devices
.Debug mode disabled (-DSHOW_DEBUG)
.Frame Limiter ON/OFF (Hold Classic Button HOME then press Full R trigger), default is ON
.FPS Display ON/OFF (Hold Classic Button HOME then press Full L trigger), default is ON
.Exit to HBC or System Menu (autodetected) (Hold Classic Button HOME then press PLUS button)
  • WiiSXcc based on Beta01, by SLotman.
.Support for classic controller
.Debug mode disabled (-DSHOW_DEBUG)
.Optimized read input routine (reading “WPAD_ButtonsHeld(0)” only once) and compiled the source with -O3, instead with the default -O2.
.Support for third party classic controller
.Support for USB 2.0 (IOS202 needed)


Installation :
copy boot.dol in your SD:/apps/WiiSX/ or USB:/apps/WiiSX/ folder

Create a PSXISOS folder at the root of SD or USB. Copy your Playstation bios file (SCPH1001.bin) and your game's image here.

Note : Do not use mixed devices. Booting from SD can't list games on USB.

Image format :
Your game image must be in raw 2352 format (.bin or .img).

If you have .iso, .nrg, .mds or any other image format, you must convert them to binary image first. You can use virtual CD mounter to make new image of the CD content, or use tools like Isobuster.

If your file is .bin.ecm, your image is compressed with ecm (Error Code Modeler), where the error codes are removed from the file. You need to uncompressed the file using Neill Corlett's unecm to recreate the complete binary image.

For more help using WiiSX or editing this page, please go to WiiSX GBAtemp Thread.

Game compatibility


- Games region affects the compatibility. When adding a game, please specify the region and gameID

Game's region and ID can be checked on (currently in maintenance, use this one if needed

- There are 2 emulation modes : Dynamic recompiler (Dynarec) and Interpreter.

Always try the other mode if it's not working with the current one.

On the same way, if you are using Analog control, try using Standard control before reporting your test.

- If a game doesn't work, explain where and what is the error (Code dump, freeze but soft reset working (back to HBC), freeze + soft reset not working (Wii power off needed), graphic glitches, etc.)

If possible, link to a code dump screenshot, they are helpful to know where the code is hanging and what need to be corrected (although it might be better to post them directly to WiiSX Wiibrew forum, where the developers are active).

Compatibility Legend Class (?)
Games that work 100% or have few/very minor issues, like stuttering audio, or other things that don't affect gameplay. ct-works
Games that work almost 100% and are playable but have some issues like missing textures or crashes after doing certain in-game action not supposed to be done (a intentional bug for example). ct-minor
Games that mostly work but with more serious but playable bugs, or random lockups (random doesn't mean lock up every time at the same spot in the game). ct-issues
Games that do not load and have major problems and/or are unplayable, or have consistent lock ups. ct-broken
Unknown status. Game has not been tested, or the test results were unclear. ct-noresult



Title Region Game ID Notes


Title Region Game ID Notes
Alien Trilogy Dynarec runs at 80-100fps, good sound. Interpreter runs at 30-40fps, scratchy sound. Cutscenes for both pink and green. Dynarec too fast to play, Interpreter best option
Activision Classic Games speed like around 50-60 FPS game play is fine with keystone capers there 30 games on disc not all tested
Alundra PAL-F SLES-01198 Works 100% fine. Sound is good. Saving to memory card is slow.
Alundra 2 NTSC-U SLUS-01017 Works.
Ape Escape Doesn't work
Ark of Time PAL-M5 SLES-00748 Gameplay is slow, text is to fast and unreadable, on both Dynarec and interpreter.
Army Men 3D Gameplay and menus run at 60 FPS. No background music, but sound effects are fine. Minor graphical glitches.
Azure Dreams NTSC-U SLUS-00614 Runs at 60-70 FPS, minor music and graphical issues
Azure Dreams PAL-M3 SLES-01219 Same as above.


Title Region Game ID Notes
Battle Arena Toshinden 3 Gameplay runs at 30 FPS
Beast Machines Black screen with A/B button press after intro
Beatmania 4th Mix Same as 6th Mix, decet fps in menus, but gameplay is too slow and sounds are distorted.
Beatmania 6th Mix Plays around 46 FPS in song select, gameplay unbearable, too slow to play around 25 fps. Even slower in interpreter.
Bishi Bashi Special Runs at around 70 FPS in Dynarec, 30 in Interpreter, menu music stuttuers
Bomberman Party Edition Sound is a little messy
Brave Fencer Musashi Runs at 60-70 FPS, sound is a little messy
Breath of Fire III PAL-F SLES-01319 Freeze the Wii at start. Soft reset not working, need to force power off the Wii.
Breath of Fire III NTSC - U I don't know why the PAL version doesn't work but the NTSC - U version was great. Has the usual sound issues but plays well
Breath of Fire IV PAL-E SLES-03552 Cut-scene and battle swapping are laggy. Sound is scratchy. Gameplay is good with Dynarec. Interpreter is 20~30 fps
Bust a Groove Around 50 FPS
Bust a Groove 2 Same as Bust a Groove


Title Region Game ID Notes
Capcom vs SNK-Millennium Fight 2000 60-70 fps very playable, Audio slightly scratchy
Castlevania Chronicles 70 FPS in dynarec, 40 FPS in interpreter, glitchy music
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night NTSC-U SLUS-00067 Random Code Dumb, Dynarec about 60fps, Interpreter 40fps, standard controller type only, little sound issues, saving at about 10 fps
Chrono Cross Slows to 30 FPS while entering battles then goes back to normal, otherwise works fine. Can't continue in Disk 2.
Chrono Trigger In dynarec it runs too fast in FMVs, cutscenes, and loading screen. Garbled sound occurs. FMVs have messed up colors. In interpreter runs about 30- 45 FPS with even worse garbled sound. FMVs still have messed up colors too.
Clock Tower 50-70 fps very playable, Audio slightly garbled at times
Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Allies Mission Averages 40 FPS garbled audio
Contra Adventure 65-70 FPS during gameplay, no background music
Cool Boarders 2 About 60 FPS constantly. Sound works but graphics are slightly choppy looking
Cotton Original - Fantastic Night Dreams NTSC-J SLPS-02034 Tested the English translated version by Lina`Chan. Works full speed in Dynarec, but the pad sometime doesn't respond for few seconds.Tested on both beta1 with GC pad and Jacobeian's mod03 with Classic Controller.
Crash Bandicoot Runs smoothly, sound is a little messy (USER 2) : doesnt run smoothly, FPS is bad. maybe its me..
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Same as Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Same as Crash Bandicoot 1 & 2, except underwater enemies are mostly invisible, and in Level 9 "Tomb Time", Any platform over bottomless pit becomes invisible. Also, some objects will overlap others if they're not supposed to.
Crash Bandicoot Compilation Dynarec runs ~55 fps, with shoppy sounds
Croc 2 Crashes upon loading in both dynarec and interpreter.
Croc: Legend of the Gobbos Runs 60-70 FPS in dynarec, sound slightly garbled at times.


Title Region Game ID Notes
Darkstone Doesn't work
Dave Mirra: Freestyle BMX NTSC-u Really slow with garbled sound..
Dead Ball Zone Runs around 42 FPS in dynarec, sound slightly crackly.
Demo PAL-Unk SLED-00513 This Demo CD is from Eidos.
Tomb Raider: Works fine except Start menu (freeze, soft reset working), Blam! Machinhead: Works fine.
Demo One ver.1 PAL-Unk SCES-00048 Tested with Dynarec :

Games: Wipeout: Graphic glitches and code dump, Loaded: blackscreen after character selection, Total NBA: 3D graphic glitches - unplayable, Destruction Derby: Blackscreen ,Tohshinden: Blackscreen.
VCD: Waiting for CD audio insertion, can't test.
Preview: Video all working.
Tech demo: Tyrannosaur OK, Manta Ray Graphic glitches and code dump.

Detana TwinBee Yahoo! Deluxe Pack Working, needs further testing
Diablo Cutscenes run around 50 FPS, gameplay at 40-50 FPS, choppy dialouge
Digimon Card Battles Works Fine (50-70 fps). Some minor audio garble, but nothing extreme. Very Playable.
Digimon Rumble Arena Sound is barely audible, Works with bios // Works not perfect but it search the Memcard
Digimon World Random code dump, sound barely audible
Digimon World 3 PAL Playable (about 60 FPS), but the sound is hardly bearable.
Dino Crisis 2
Doom Tried in both Dynarec and Interpreter. Crashes at loading screen.
Dragon Warrior 7 Tried in both Dynarec and Interpreter. Once you try and start a new game you can hear the typical Dragon Warrior music in the background but nothing happens the screen just stares at you.


Title Region Game ID Notes
Einhander NTSC-U SCUS-94243 Performs at 60%. Playable


Title Region Game ID Notes
Fighting Force 2 Doesn't work on both mode.
Final Fantasy Origins Runs a little bit too fast on Interpreter, sound is garbled some but still recognizable if you have played the original. Video skips when loading/saving or transitioning to/from battle. Runs really slow on Dynarec.
Final Fantasy Anthology (Final Fantasy V disc) Really slow with garbled sound..
Final Fantasy VII Entering battle crashes Dynarec, use interpreter, 50-60fps
Final Fantasy VIII PPF version doesn't work unpatched.img file works great sounds almost peWiiSXct plays at 70 fps in game and 60 in menus saving takes a while but must use interpreter to pass certain parts eg dollet
Final Fantasy VIII [Demo] PAL-F SLED-02259 Tested with Dynarec:

Mod 03, tested with Classic and GC controller:
-Standard controller : Digital controller is working fine (analog stick is a copy of digital cross), game run fine, sometime battle freeze. Start button is working fine.
-Analog controller : Cursor moving by itself on Y axis on title screen. Game freeze (soft reset possible) instead of "this demo accept dual shock controller, press start to enable rumble" screen. Start button is working in Repeat mode.

Beta 01 with GC controller:
-Standard controller : All working fine. Start button work fine.
-Analog controller : Game working, Battles too. Analog working fine but Y axis (up/down) inverted with analog stick, Cross control Y axis is good. Start button in Repeat mode too.

Final Fantasy IX Intro movie simply doesn't play, only sound. After "Start New Game" code dump or freezes, soft reset not working (Wii power off needed). Tested with both cores and w/o bios. UNPLAYABLE.
Final Fantasy Tactics Works Great!
Fre Pro Wrestling D does not load *code dump
F1 Championship Season 2000 doesn't load
Formula 1 '98 SLUS-00744
Formula One 2001 very slow


Title Region Game ID Notes
GTA 2 Game runs great in dynarec. Audio is a little weird of course but very playable.
Gauntlet Legends Works
Gex: Enter the Gecko Runs smoothly, sound works, voice acting doesn't
Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko 50 FPS, sound issues
Grandia Works ~70 FPS - choppy voice acting
Gran Turismo Doesn't work
Gran Turismo PAL-M5 SCES-00984 Select "Standard (A)" when choosing WiiSX Controller Type.
Gran Turismo 2 50-60 FPS (PAL - Simulation disc)


Title Region Game ID Notes


Title Region Game ID Notes
I.Q. - Intelligence Qube / Both (U) & (J) versions Rich, full video audio; No skipping animation & menus functional. Tested via USB Loader Gx & WiiFlow 4.2-1049(dynarec)
Incredible Crisis 100% fullspeed ingame, movies and menu are occasionally a little fast (dynarec)
International Track And Field no sound at konami logo. Menu is really fast 70 FPS+, Over 60 FPS in event select menu too. FPS varies from 45-55 in the events themselves. Game is very much playable, although in some events it's easier to win than it is on the actual PSX itself. (Dynarec)


Title Region Game ID Notes
Jade Cocoon FPS is usually over 70, but drops to 60 in dream sequences and 55 in battle. Sound becomes really bad during some movies, (but they can be skipped)


Title Region Game ID Notes
King's Field Code dump using both Dynarec & Interpreter. tried both original Japanese & english translated (patched).
Kula World works using both Dynarec & Interpreter.


Title Region Game ID Notes
Legacy of Kain - Blood Omen PAL-F SLES-00522 Slow sound. Working fine
Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver NTSC-U SLUS-00708 Working. Very slow sound and not understandable when the god are speaking in Reverb sound effect. Analog controller working fine for both right and left analog stick.
Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver PAL-F SLES-02024 Tested version is Intro by Paradox PAL/NTSC selection. The game freeze (soft reset working) at first screen after pal/ntsc choice.
Legend of Legaia 60-70 FPS in dynarec (occasionally too fast), audio is good. 30-40 FPS in Interpreter, poor audio
Legend of Mana Sound issues Different User: 30-40FPS in Interpreter, Both Interpreter and Dynarec freeze when the Mana Ent thing first shows up
LSD 75-80 FPS in Dynarec. One area is unnaturally green, I think, but it's hard to tell with this game.
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete Screen goes black fairly early on, very hard to navigate. Speed fine.
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Playable but on screen character and enemies move really fast. So navigating the world map and dungeons is unnerving but do able


Title Region Game ID Notes
Marvel Super Heroes Menus run at 70 FPS, character selection and battles at 40 FPS, minor graphical and major sound glitches
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Menus run around 70-90 FPS, character selection at 50 FPS, battles between 50-60 FPS in dynarec, slower in interpreter
Marvel vs. Capcom Menus run at 65-85 FPS, battles at 50-60 FPS (in dynarec). In interpreter, runs at 30-40 FPS, small graphical glitches
Medal of Honor NTSC-U Sound is bit glitchy - plays well with standard controller & Dynarec (60fps)
MediEvil II Menu/title screen runs at 40 FPS, gameplay at around 60 FPS. Distorted voice acting, background music and sound effects work well.
Mega Man 8 Runs at around 60 FPS
Mega Man Battle and Chase PAL-E SLES-00766 Works in beta 2. Unknown if works in beta 1.
Mega Man X3 Hangs at the first "now loading" screen
Mega Man X4 No music, works through opening stage, freezes at stage select
Mega Man X5 Same as Mega Man X4
Mega Man X6 over all no noticeable graphic glitches but bad audio
Mega Man Legends Stack dump after Capcom logo in dynarec, hangs after loading screen in interpreter
Mega Man Legends 2 Hangs after Capcom logo in both dynarec and interpreter
Metal Gear Solid Between 50 and 70 FPS, some sound issues. (Beegee7730: Code dumps at prison scene after you are tortured by Revolver Ocelot.)
Mortal Kombat Trilogy Runs at around 70 FPS, background music doesn't play


Title Region Game ID Notes
Namco Museum Volume 5 Works (Valkyrie No Densetu works)
Nightmare Creatures freezes at loading


Title Region Game ID Notes
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee Playable. Graphics smudge after movement. Always stuck when walking over trap platforms but able to jump out and over them.
Ogre Battle Limited Edition: March of the Black Queen Very enjoyable to play besides the sound. NO graphic glitches


Title Region Game ID Notes
Panzer Front Runs at 49 FPS in dynarec. No issues.
Parasite Eve Averages 80 FPS, Runs Well, Cutscenes pink hue. Can't continue in Disk 2.
Parasite Eve 2 Freezes before titlescreen
PaRappa the Rapper Garbled sound
Persona - Revelations Series NTSC-U SLUS-00339 Tested on dynarec. 2D, 3D and battles are working fine. Saving game to memory card is very slow. / User2 : About 70 FPS with occasionally garbled sound (dynarec)
Persona 2 - Eternal Punishment NTSC-U SLUS-01158 Tested on dynarec. working fine, but didn't test battles. Saving game to memory card is very slow.
Pizza Hut Demo Disc 1 works well, choppy sound


Title Region Game ID Notes


Title Region Game ID Notes
Resident Evil 2 freeze if you don't push start at the videos.
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Crashes after movie in dynarec, 30-40FPS in interpreter
Resident Evil: Director's Cut Freezes right before Capcom FMV in dynarec and interpreter
Rhapsody - A Musical Adventure NTSC-U SLUS-01073 Intro patched by Kalisto (PAL/NTSC selection). Sometime freeze after intro selection in dyna & inter. Dynarec: NTSC (~65fps) choice run smoother than PAL. Interpreter: 25~35fps.
Rival Schools (Evolution Disc) Videos run fullspeed but colouring is way off. Menu is slow (30fps) but usable. Ingame fighting is around 40 FPS, a little slow but very playable.(Dynarec)
Robopit Works via interpreter, playable, runs at 45 FPS
Rollcage NTSC-U Plays intro movies in odd colors. Hangs when checking for memory card
Rollcage: Stage 2 NTSC-U Intro movies in odd colors. Works with standard controller & Dynarec (70fps) - no music but SFX ok - little slowdown on levels with 'rain'


Title Region Game ID Notes
Saga Frontier Cutscenes and menus run at 40 FPS, gameplay between 70-80 FPS
Sheep Dog n Wolf/Sheep Raider scratchy voices game near peWiiSXct at 65 fps in interpreter some mild texture issues
Simpsons Wrestling Crashed at the very beginning of game on dynarec
Silent Hill NTSC-U SLUS-00707 Cutscenes run well, gameplay runs at around 60 FPS, audio is slightly scratchy. Dynarec is running to fast, use Interpreter.
Silhouette Mirage: Reprogrammed Hope NTSC-U Gameplay runs at 60-90 FPS, except for a certain start of a level where it runs at 50-60 FPS. No BGM. Animated cutscenes are in pink and green, run at 80-90 FPS and sound lags. Very Playable, but no bgm which makes us very sad players.
Super Puzzle Fighter II Constant 60+ FPS, some color issues
Soul Blade Sound issues, low FPS at title screen, 40 FPS in game///doesn't work with dynarec at all
Slam Jam 96' Featuring Magic & Kareem Doesn't work, Both Dynarec and Interpreter freeze before first set up menus during game play
Spider-Man Code dump using both Dynarec & Interpreter.
Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro Fully Playable, Major Graphical Glitches
Spyro the Dragon High FPS (60-70), no music, voice sync issues
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage Same as Spyro the Dragon
Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon 40-60 fps in game, 70 during cut scenes, scratchy audio
Street Figher: The Movie
Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha Crashes at Capcom logo in dynarec, needs interpreter testing
Street Fighter Alpha 3 About 50 FPS, no music
Star Ocean: The Second Story Works almost peWiiSXctly with dynarec. Sound broken as with all games.
Suikoden 2 Works great with dynarec finished the game and everything. Sound broken as with all games.


Title Region Game ID Notes
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Gameplay runs at 60-70 FPS, cutscenes/movie runs at 60-90FPS, sound is a little messy
Tail Concerto NTSC-U 60-70 FPS when other characters on screen and in in-game cutscenes, 70-110FPS when main character is alone. BGM is fuzzy and voices loud and fuzzy, SFX sounds good though. Pink and green colors on animated cutscenes, runs at 80-90 FPS, sound lags. Controls sometimes don't respond during in-game cutscenes, this happens rarely and can be easily solved by pressin the 'b', 'A' and 'x' buttons repeatedly in a sweeping motion. Other than that its quite playable
Tales of Destiny NTSC-U SLUS-00626 Works almost 100% fine, and sound is good too. (60-80 fps with Dynarec, Can't continue in Disk 2.)
Tales of Destiny II Excellent. FPS too high in battles. Standard disc swap/sound issues apply.
Tales of Phantasia Works
Team Buddies Very playable using Dynarec. Some sound problems
Tekken 3 Fights are at 25-30 FPS. Doesn't work with Dynarec at all. Sound sucks.
Tekken 3 NTSC-J SLPS-01300 Dynarec: ~35 fps

Interpreter: ~25fps
Controller Type: both work.
Sound: screwed

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins Gameplay runs at 50-60FPS, sound is glitchy, no music or voice acting
Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins NTSC-U Standard Controller only - black screen after pressing start
Theme Park World 50 FPS in Dynarec, 30 in Interpreter
The Raiden Project Starts up, and then crashes with code dump
The Unholy War Runs at 50-70 FPS with Dynarec and 30-40 FPS with Interpreter, movie colors are funny, graphic errors like flickering and screwed up sprites but very playable
Time Commando Problems with graphics in Dynarec (50-55 FPS)/Graphics ok in Interpreter but very slow (30 FPS). No other problems found yet
Time Crisis 1 70-90 FPS in dynarec, no Wii remote gun support
Tobal N°2 (Jap) Crashes during fight
Tomb Raider Chronicles Tried in both Dynarec and Interpreter. Crashes after loading for both
Tomb Raider Tried in both Dynarec and Interpreter. Crashes at title screen for both.
Tomb Raider 2 Tried in both Dynarec and Interpreter. Crashes when selecting any option.
Tomba! works, but choppy sound, ~45fps
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Tried both Dynarec and Interpreter. Crashes at title screen
Total NBA 97 PAL 50 FPS in Dynarec. Invisible ball and basket for some reason
Transformers Beast Machines Transmetals Sound has slight static. When A or Start is pressed it goes to Black screen


Title Region Game ID Notes
Um Jammer lammy Intro and menu work fine, but screen hangs at loading. Ingame sounds are demonic (about 70fps) (Dynarec)
Umihara Kawase Shun Runs at 60 FPS in dynarec. PeWiiSXct.


Title Region Game ID Notes
Vagrant Story NTSC-U SLUS-01040 Slightly too fast at times, intro movie have wrong colors-speed / User2: Crashes for me halfway through first Level using Dynarec (About 9 rooms into it), not sure if its my rip or not, can someone confirm they have got further than this? Works ok using Interpreter. / User3: confirmed. Random code dump entering or exiting a room
Vagrant Story PAL-F SLES-02755 Freeze after "New game" selection
Valkyrie Profile Sound is a little messy and frozen images during battles.
Vandal Hearts Doesn't work. Stops with either Interpreter or Dynarec, at execute command, before the game even begins.


Title Region Game ID Notes
WipeOut PAL-E SCES-00010 No music (CDDA is not yet implemented). Too fast on Dynarec. Playable almost at right speed on interpreter but slow sound effect.
Wipeout NTSC-U SCUS-94301 Graphic glitches on menus. Code dump on loading a tracks. tested on Dynarec and Interpreter
Wipeout 3 Doesn't work
Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits Full Speed, No Bg music, known issue in beta 1
Wild Arms FPS too high on title screen, so it times out and plays the intro cutscene. Hammer start to fix. Sound broken as with all games. 50 fps with dynarec
World's Scariest Police Chases NTSC-U SLUS-01165 Runs at almost full speed.
Worms Armageddon Garbled/distorted intro and background music in menus, menus run at 40 FPS, battles run at 55-60 FPS


Title Region Game ID Notes
X-Men vs. Street Fighter Runs at 50-70 FPS, glitchy sound, no background music
Xenogears Freezes when loading a save file from main menu so you can't load a game. Soft reset doesn't work afterward must power off Wii and restart. Plays fine other than that ranges from 40 to over 100 FPS, averages around 60 FPS in town and in the 50s in battle


Title Region Game ID Notes
Yu-Gi-Oh: Forbidden Memories 40~60 FPS out of battle, and in battle 50~70 FPS. Very playable. (Tested on Dynarec)


Title Region Game ID Notes