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This page is a starting point for addressing any game issues you might encounter.

Common Fixes


Try a combination of the various modes. Default with green loading text is DMA-QuickSave mode. Holding X with red loading text is the older DMA mode. Holding A with blue loading text is the Non-DMA mode.


Current AKAIO Loader

Always use the current AKAIO loader. The latest version may contain fixes that address your concerns.

AKAIO loaders

Unzip the file for your cart and place it in the _aio/loaders folder on your microSD card.

Game Compatibility

Below is a summary of games that have issues and how to resolve them. When adding games use only the format of # - NAME :: DESC. Descriptions should include information about the problem or possible methods used to solve the issue. Only use release numbers found at

Current compatibility is based on AKAIO 1.4.1 Proper

Please sort the list numerically

  • 0866 - Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary (v01) (J) with English translation patch by puyonexus :: Hangs at screen switchs, hold A to use Non-DMA mode when loading ROM.
  • 1070 - Tennis Masters (E) :: softreset doesn't work
  • 1143 - Utsukushiku Narou - Duke Saraie no Kenkou Walking Navi (J) :: disable DMA or use official loader, otherwise graphical glitches on the lower screen
  • 1479 - Animal Crossing: Wild World (v01) (U) :: Wi-Fi functions; Make sure that the access point you are using uses shared WEP, if WEP encryption is present.
  • 1773 - Ultimate Mortal Kombat (E) :: Disable DMA or use official loader, otherwise black screens
  • 2110 - Powerplay Tennis (U) :: softreset doesn't work
  • 2385 - Daigasso Band Brothers DX (J) :: Save Problems; Manually set save type to 64M
  • 2593 - MLB Power Pros 2008 (U) :: Download play does not work.
  • 2899 - Korg DS-10 Synthetizer (U) :: Save Problems; Load ROM holding X button.
  • 3161 - Ragnarok Online DS (J) :: Disable Cheats, DMA & Download Play to play on-line.
  • 3212 - 100 Classic Book Collection (E) :: Save Problems with Downloadable books; Manually set save type to 2M before you download more books.
  • 3481 - Sukashikashipanman DS - 'Shokotan' Koto Nakagawa Shoko Produce (J) :: crashes on softreset
  • 3499 - Rittai Picross (J) :: Reading Save Data; Hold X on boot to use the old DMA mode
  • 3541 - Pokemon Platinum Version (U) :: Problems?; Hold X to boot the old DMA mode
  • 3690 - Made in Ore (J) :: "Save Problems" (Doesn't save); Use the latest loader (dated 02/05/09 or newer), set save type to 128Mbit and download pre-made 32MB save from
  • 3841 - The Legendary Starfy :: Save Problems; When using the Quick-DMA mode, "Suspend Save" will freeze after you press Yes. The game still gets saved, but you can use the Old DMA Mode to get perfect behavior.