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  • How do I spot an Acekard clone?==

So far only the Acekard 2i has been cloned. All known Acekard 2, 2.1, and R.P.G. kits are real. The Acekard 2i's old design used a shell with a window cut out for the chip. During this stage of production the Actel chip was used. Acekard no longer produces the 2i with these features. The new generation of Acekard 2i carts have a flat back with no "window" and a small 48-pin thin controller chip called the "SST 39vf1681." However, in some cases the Actel chip can be found in a shell with no "window." The Acekard 2 may use the SST chip or other chips but they are all 48-pin chips.


  • The chip on the back of the PCB is "Actel" or little black glue circle (this is very important).
  • The chip on the front side of PCB is a 48 pins "SST" chip.
  • Some batches of AK2 used other 48 pins chips, but they're all 48 pins.


You can find out the HWID of your Acekard from within AKAIO by pressing (start) >> more >> help. You can also find out your HWID by using the firmware update tool, this will repeat the numbers twice. ie: HWID 80 in AKAIO will be reported as 8080 by the firmware update tool.

  • What are the HWID's of the different Acekard builds?
  1. AK2 Green PCB pre-FAT/FAT error - HWID 40
  2. AK2 Green PCB *fixed* FAT error - HWID 41
  3. AK2 Green PCB, windowed CPU, FAT fix and a 2.1 sticker - HWID 41
  4. AK2.1 Light/Dark Green PCB - HWID 80
  5. AK2.1 Black PCB - HWID 80
  6. AK2.1 Blue PCB - HWID 80
  7. AK2i Black PCB - HWID 44
  8. AK2i Yellow/Black PCB - HWID 81
• Acekards with HWIDs not listed above are clones! 
• Acekard 2i Green PCB HWID 44 with a 32pin Xilinx Spartan chip is a clone!
• Acekard 2i HWID 80 is a clone!

If you have a Acekard HWID combination not listed, please post it in this thread