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DMA Mode

Games are loaded via DMA mode by default, which enhances performance in many games. AKAIO on the R.P.G. uses DMA on the microSD at all times and there is currently is no way to turn it off. On the AK2 DMA is active when the "Loading" text turns red or green.

As of v1.4.1 the new DMA-QuickSave mode has been made default. You can see that this mode is working when the "Loading" text turns green. This new mode fixes video and sound glitches which occur in older patching modes, and offers faster save writing/reading support. This mode uses the same patching methods as holding "X" but with the benefit of an updated DMA mode.

The original DMA mode can be accessed by holding "X". You can see that this mode is working when the "Loading" text turns red. This uses the same patching method as holding "A" but with the benefit of DMA.

If you encounter a problem with a particular game, you can disable DMA mode by holding the "A" button while loading. In this case the "Loading" text will stay blue.

There is no way for users to force the execution of the old DMA mode or the non-DMA mode either globally or on a per-ROM basis. DMA-QuickSave will always run unless the user inturrupts its execution by pressing one of the above mentioned buttons. However, some problem ROMs have been preset through the loaders to access a particular DMA mode. This behavior is normal and can not be overridden. There is currently no collected list of the ROMs which have a pre-set DMA mode.

For games that are problematic with DMA mode, please make sure to first update the loaders to the most recent version. Updated loaders can be found at the Loaders Download Page or via Wi-Fi Update from within AKAIO. If you notice a problem even with the latest loaders, please visit the AKAIO ROM Compatibility Page. Add your problematic game as needed by following the on-site instructions